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Whirlpool Workout (JC)

Q: Margarette

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

Pax: Summit, Crush, Sourdough, Peppermint Patty, Katniss, Boots

Warmup: Jumping Jacks, High Knees and potato digger

The Thang-
Whirlpool workout (borrowed this format from FiA Cherokee)
8 stations in circle, everyone chose a station to start at. 2 minutes AMRAP at each station with 30 seconds to switch between. Can be done with or without weights.

Station 1:
20 calf raises
10 jumping jacks

Station 2:
20 high knees
10 tricep dips

Station 3:
20 squats
10 butt kickers

Station 4:
20 plank jacks
10 bicep curls

Station 5:
20 lunges (both sides count due to time)
10 jump ropes

Station 6:
20 mountain climbers
10 push ups

Station 7:
20 deadlifts
10 shuffle taps

Station 8:
20 jump squats
10 shoulder presses

We got through about 1.5 times
Ended with abs, 1 minute of each- crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, leg raises, plank

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Intervals (Kgspt)

Q: Gish

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Cheetah, Lil Hope, Malibu, Bindi, Ariel

Disclaimer: I’m not a pro. FiA is not responsible. Modify as you need.

jog a lap
Jumping Jacks
High knees
Potato diggers

The Thang:
Complete each set, performing each exercise (20on/10off)x5, resting 30 before new exercise, and jogging a minute between each set.
Finish out with tunnel of love!

Set 1:
Plank steppers
Tricep dips
Hip thrusts

Step upsSet 2:
Pike push-ups
Side step-ups left
Side step-ups right

Pike leg liftSet 3:
Bulgarian split-squats left
Bulgarian split-squats right
Piston squats left
Piston squats right

Warning: a bit of rambling, ahead. :laughing:
I planned ahead for this morning and thought I had everything together. I tested my music and Tabata timer with my speaker that I made sure was fully charged the night before. I kept gear simple to avoid confusion and left the house ten minutes early. Buuuut….. my gas tank said I had 14 miles left in the tank when I was 16 miles away. Stopping for gas took up most of my extra time, and then I drove to Centennial Park instead of the library! :woman-facepalming: Welllll, I got to the correct location a few minutes late and we warmed up in a rush but made it work! The positivity of the PAX really made the difference, and it inspired my COT. With the new year, we’re all making plans and have high hopes to make everything flow just perfectly, but we will absolutely always have hiccups. We will have bad days. We will not always live up to our grand plans, but that is absolutely not failure! Keep that chin up, know that you’re doing amazingly just for showing up and doing your best, and let that positivity be infectious.

Recent Workouts

January Challenge Clean-Up! (JC)

Q: Boots

Where: Founders Park AO – Rosies Rise & Grind
When: 1/19/22 @ 5:30

PAX: Gish, Peppermint Patty, Doodle, Katniss, Sourdough, Callalilly

Disclaimer- FiA is not responsible, exercise at your own risk, modify up or down, …

Warmup:  Thunderstruck! 

  •  burpee when the song says “thunderstruck”
  • Warm up exercises during the rest of the song:  hamstrung pulls, imperial walkers, skaters, jump rope

Thang:  See photo below: 

  •  5 cycles- each cycle 5 min 30 seconds
  • (Each cycle had 40 squats, 2 man makers & 5 wood hops to help us cover those 3 BINGO squares for January)
  • 1 min rest between cycles

Abdominal Ender: 

  •  88 second plank hold for Todays FiA plank challenge
  • “What does the Fox say” – sit-ups during song, bicycle crunches during chorus

Count: 7 PAX!!!


COT: You can do anything but not everything. 

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Blizzard Boogie (Kgspt)

Q: Ariel

Where: Kingsport Centennial Park AO – Dolly’s Nook
When: 1/15/22 @ 7:30

PAX: Cheetah, Lil’ Hope


Warm up: Stretching to open up, windmills in cadence, arm circles in cadence.

The thang: see pic attached.
1 person does cardio and counts each move while the rest of the PAX does strength exercise listed. Each person rotates once through the cardio one time. Once each person has rotated through, move down to the next cardio/strength exercises. We were able to get through the chart 1 full time. Walked a lap. And completed the chart again at half the reps, flowed by another lap.

COT: Keep it simple

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Lawdy, Lawdy, I’m 40 (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

Where: Kingsport Centennial Park AO – Dolly’s Nook
When: 1/13/22 @ 5:30

PAX: Ariel, Lil’ Hope

Gear: mat & weights

WARM UP: 40 REPS- Jumping Jacks, Rotating Side Planks, Arm Circles (20 forward, 20 backward) Run a Lap

THAT THANG: Lawdy, Lawdy Look Who’s FORTY!!!     LAWDY, LAWDY!! I’M FORTY!!

COT: I was looking for a COT idea…there were so many posts about fun things to do before you are 40, I know its all just for fun…but this year my word is ARISE and challenging myself to rise above my own limitations and doing just enough.So…I am pumped about turning 40 tomorrow! Age is just a number, rather you are 30, 40, 50,60 or 80, don’t allow it to stop you, push forward and rise above!!! Challenge YOU!! :muscle::skin-tone-4::white_haired_woman::tada::four::zero::tada::woman-running::skin-tone-4::muscle::skin-tone-4:

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FiA Nation 9th Trip Around the Sun (JC)

Q: Boots

Where: Founders Park AO – Rosies Rise & Grind

When: 1/12/22

PAX: Gish, Peppermint Patty, Doodle, Summit, Katniss, Margarette, Peaches, Sourdough, Callalilly

Disclaimer- FiA is not responsible, exercise at your own risk, modify up or down, …

Warmup:  Jog in place/ move your body while I explain the “beat down” , Tin soldiers in cadence

Thang:  See photo below

  • National FiAversary – 9 years!!!
  • Same routine being Q’d in all AO’s nationwide this week!
  • We modified by running from the bottom circle of amphitheater (for hold exercises) up the stairs to the sundial at top (for huddle exercises)
  • We ended with a great “Ring of Fire”, And made it all the way to 365! 

Count: 10 PAX!!!Name-o-Rama

COT: I signed up for this Q before knowing it was the National FiAversary, because yesterday was also MY 1 year FiAversary .  FiA has been the best addition to my life in the past year.  The pandemic (and remote schooling, and quarantine , and momming, etc) had me in a bad place with my own self care and workouts, and FiA has helped me more than I knew I needed!  Thank you ladies! 

Recent Workouts

FiA Nation 9th Trip Around the Sun (RAD)

Q: Mini

Where: Founders Park AO – Riveters Station
When: 1/11/22 @ 6:30
PAX: Doublemint, She Hulk


Warm up: high knees, potato diggs, jumping jacks

The Thang: Fiaversary workout, see pic.

Modified to run up amphitheater steps and back between holds and huddles.
Ring of Fire; modified to star jump during Ring Of Fire lyric
Bonus Sally
Cool down: stretching
COT: Success is not an activity but a process.