Recent Workouts

Blizzard Boogie (Kgspt)

Q: Ariel

Where: Kingsport Centennial Park AO – Dolly’s Nook
When: 1/15/22 @ 7:30

PAX: Cheetah, Lil’ Hope


Warm up: Stretching to open up, windmills in cadence, arm circles in cadence.

The thang: see pic attached.
1 person does cardio and counts each move while the rest of the PAX does strength exercise listed. Each person rotates once through the cardio one time. Once each person has rotated through, move down to the next cardio/strength exercises. We were able to get through the chart 1 full time. Walked a lap. And completed the chart again at half the reps, flowed by another lap.

COT: Keep it simple