Recent Workouts

Whirlpool Workout (JC)

Q: Margarette

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

Pax: Summit, Crush, Sourdough, Peppermint Patty, Katniss, Boots

Warmup: Jumping Jacks, High Knees and potato digger

The Thang-
Whirlpool workout (borrowed this format from FiA Cherokee)
8 stations in circle, everyone chose a station to start at. 2 minutes AMRAP at each station with 30 seconds to switch between. Can be done with or without weights.

Station 1:
20 calf raises
10 jumping jacks

Station 2:
20 high knees
10 tricep dips

Station 3:
20 squats
10 butt kickers

Station 4:
20 plank jacks
10 bicep curls

Station 5:
20 lunges (both sides count due to time)
10 jump ropes

Station 6:
20 mountain climbers
10 push ups

Station 7:
20 deadlifts
10 shuffle taps

Station 8:
20 jump squats
10 shoulder presses

We got through about 1.5 times
Ended with abs, 1 minute of each- crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, leg raises, plank