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January Challenge Clean-Up! (JC)

Q: Boots

Where: Founders Park AO – Rosies Rise & Grind
When: 1/19/22 @ 5:30

PAX: Gish, Peppermint Patty, Doodle, Katniss, Sourdough, Callalilly

Disclaimer- FiA is not responsible, exercise at your own risk, modify up or down, …

Warmup:  Thunderstruck! 

  •  burpee when the song says “thunderstruck”
  • Warm up exercises during the rest of the song:  hamstrung pulls, imperial walkers, skaters, jump rope

Thang:  See photo below: 

  •  5 cycles- each cycle 5 min 30 seconds
  • (Each cycle had 40 squats, 2 man makers & 5 wood hops to help us cover those 3 BINGO squares for January)
  • 1 min rest between cycles

Abdominal Ender: 

  •  88 second plank hold for Todays FiA plank challenge
  • “What does the Fox say” – sit-ups during song, bicycle crunches during chorus

Count: 7 PAX!!!


COT: You can do anything but not everything.