Recent Workouts

Intervals (Kgspt)

Q: Gish

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Cheetah, Lil Hope, Malibu, Bindi, Ariel

Disclaimer: I’m not a pro. FiA is not responsible. Modify as you need.

jog a lap
Jumping Jacks
High knees
Potato diggers

The Thang:
Complete each set, performing each exercise (20on/10off)x5, resting 30 before new exercise, and jogging a minute between each set.
Finish out with tunnel of love!

Set 1:
Plank steppers
Tricep dips
Hip thrusts

Step upsSet 2:
Pike push-ups
Side step-ups left
Side step-ups right

Pike leg liftSet 3:
Bulgarian split-squats left
Bulgarian split-squats right
Piston squats left
Piston squats right

Warning: a bit of rambling, ahead. :laughing:
I planned ahead for this morning and thought I had everything together. I tested my music and Tabata timer with my speaker that I made sure was fully charged the night before. I kept gear simple to avoid confusion and left the house ten minutes early. Buuuut….. my gas tank said I had 14 miles left in the tank when I was 16 miles away. Stopping for gas took up most of my extra time, and then I drove to Centennial Park instead of the library! :woman-facepalming: Welllll, I got to the correct location a few minutes late and we warmed up in a rush but made it work! The positivity of the PAX really made the difference, and it inspired my COT. With the new year, we’re all making plans and have high hopes to make everything flow just perfectly, but we will absolutely always have hiccups. We will have bad days. We will not always live up to our grand plans, but that is absolutely not failure! Keep that chin up, know that you’re doing amazingly just for showing up and doing your best, and let that positivity be infectious.