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FiA Nation 9th Trip Around the Sun (JC)

Q: Boots

Where: Founders Park AO – Rosies Rise & Grind

When: 1/12/22

PAX: Gish, Peppermint Patty, Doodle, Summit, Katniss, Margarette, Peaches, Sourdough, Callalilly

Disclaimer- FiA is not responsible, exercise at your own risk, modify up or down, …

Warmup:  Jog in place/ move your body while I explain the “beat down” , Tin soldiers in cadence

Thang:  See photo below

  • National FiAversary – 9 years!!!
  • Same routine being Q’d in all AO’s nationwide this week!
  • We modified by running from the bottom circle of amphitheater (for hold exercises) up the stairs to the sundial at top (for huddle exercises)
  • We ended with a great “Ring of Fire”, And made it all the way to 365! 

Count: 10 PAX!!!Name-o-Rama

COT: I signed up for this Q before knowing it was the National FiAversary, because yesterday was also MY 1 year FiAversary .  FiA has been the best addition to my life in the past year.  The pandemic (and remote schooling, and quarantine , and momming, etc) had me in a bad place with my own self care and workouts, and FiA has helped me more than I knew I needed!  Thank you ladies!