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Backblast 9/29/20

Troy Q:

Q: Troy
Pax: river, beep beep, Elsa, glitter Bob, and FNG, Acadia

Jog to warm up
1m45s on 15s off of exercises drawn out around in a clock. 12-squats, 1-inch worms, 2-crunches, 3-Russian twists, 4-lunges, 5-lat raises, 6-pop ups, 7-side plank, 8-high knees, 9-pretzels, 10-wall sit, and 11-donkey kicks. Did this twice with a break in the middle and a burpee train in the second round.

COT: quotes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg :broken_heart:

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Backblast 9/28/20

Passport Q:

Q: @passport
Pax: @G.I. Jane@salty@Crimp@F-Stop@Atlas@Remi@Margarette@crush , Sneaks, @callalilly

Warm up:
10 jumping jacks in cadence
10 high knees in cadence
10 potato diggers

Blackjack on the hill, push-ups at the top, sit-ups at the bottom.

COVID has cancelled all my planned fitness events for 2020, which left me doing no exercise because I am goal oriented! I didn’t realize how much I missed the thrill of reaching for a big goal and achieving it until a few weeks ago when I tried water skiing for the first time in 30 years. I was convinced I was going to fall on my face, but I actually managed to get up on the skis (badly :joy:). So I’ve realized in these times it’s still important to try to find those opportunities to step outside my comfort zone. Also- let your kids see these opportunities and give them a chance to cheer you on, when so many times we as parents are the ones cheering them on. The kids love seeing their parents do all the fun things, just as much as we enjoy watching them! Photo attached of me water skiing because you all know I have no problem posting embarrassing photos :grin:

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Backblast 9/24/20

Loo Q:

Q: Loo
Pax: Troy, Elsa, Glitter-Bob

Warm up:
– 10 jumping jacks in cadence
– 10 potato diggers in cadence
– 10 inch worms
– Light stretching
Workout: AMRAP 26 reps of each movement for my 26 years alive. Do 5 burpees or run a lap around the pavilion between rounds. We ended up doing 2 full cycles.

Round 1:
– squats
– lunges (total)
– calf raises
– fire hydrants (total)

Round 2:
– bicep curls
– bent over rows
– punches (total)
– tricep extension

Round 3:
– mountain climbers (total)
– sit ups
– Russian twists (total)
– 26 second plank

Round 4
– front raises
– overhead press
-push ups
-side raises

COT: Depression. Is. Real. My best friend and I had lunch this week for the first time since January. One of our friends had committed suicide during that time, and it reminds us every day that people are going through their own personal struggles. I encourage everyone to always be kind and to reach out to your friends and loved ones who struggle with depression. 

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Backblast 9/22/20

Troy Q:

Q: Troy (River had an emergency with her dog and couldn’t come)
Pax: Mango, Elsa, Amiga, Calamity Jean, Beep beep, Glitter Bob, Palm Beach (FNG!)


Warm up – would you rather? Shuffle, bear crawl, high knees, butt kicks, grape vine L/R depending on what we picked

The Thang: Yoga!!! Sun salutation modified with some warrior + chair poses, then did an Indian train (group of everyone walks and the back person runs the lap until they get back to the group and then take the front spot. The last person of the group now does the lap and so on) BURPEE :steam_locomotive:, then a little more yoga to cool down.

COT: hug your pets, don’t drink and drive (super on the fly :sweat_smile:)

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Backblast 9/21/20

Atlas Q:

Star Wars Jedi Training

Q: Atlas
PAX: Freestyle, F-Stop, Remi, Crush, Margarette, FNG (Calla Lilly), Atlas

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Workout at your own risk and modify exercises as necessary. Johnson City and FiA are not liable if you get injured. Please stay 6 feet apart and don’t share equipment.

Warm-up: Kessel Run (around Farmer’s Market)

The Thang: Tabata Style Workout with 20 minutes of exercise and 10 seconds of rest with 30 seconds of recovery between sets.
Set 1: Imperial Walkers, Jedi handstand, Kylo crunches, Jedi Mind Plank, Saber lunge (left), Saber lunge (right), Yoda run, Skywalker Squats 
Set 2: Bantha kicks (left), Bantha kicks (right), Ewok kicks, Light saber extensions, Vader jacks, Starfighter Hydraulics, Death Star burpees, ‘The Force’ wall sit.

We did Set 1 and Set 2 three times and one more round of Set 1 before we cooled down.

The Skinny: I was going to say something about Star Wars, but after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg this weekend I changed my mind. FiA is a group created for women. We encourage each other and empower women to become who we were meant to be. This weekend the nation lost a giant champion for women. Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, fought for gender equality her entire adult life. As a lawyer in the 70s she argued 6 cases in front of the Supreme Court for women’s rights including equal pay and equal benefits. As a Supreme Court justice she continued her fight for the underdog. She was also a fitness fanatic and I think she would have loved FiA. I ended with a quote of hers, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” – RBG

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Backblast 9/19/20

Bindi Q:

Bindi(Q), Troy, Peaches, MSafari, Margaret, Crush Jewels, Remi, Elsa


Stretch/ Warm Up

DORA (modified)
400 Curls
250 Russian Twists
150 Flutter Kicks

Roll the Dice
1) Jump Squats
2) Jump n Jacks
3) Crunches
4) Pike Push-ups
5) Superman
6) Calf Raises
7) Deadlifts
8) Burpees
9) Peter Parker
10) Back Crunches
11) Tricep Extensions
12) Russian Twists

Cool down yoga stretches

COT: KINDNESS. I was driving around with my senior adult, he is in a wheelchair leg amputee, Mr. Jim. We went to the farmers market in Kingsport and there was a sweet lady that bought Mr. Jim his 1 tomato. When we got in the car we talked about nice people and how it is important to be positive & kind. Then we went to food city and there was a not so kind man who made faces at Jim as we went by, then he was rude to others, we were waiting in line, it was busy. The not so kind man was not nice again to a nurse telling her she was standing too close and huffing when she said she was a nurse and gets tested every now and then. Well, the other line in-between us opened and the nurses went over, he was not happy. I was like that’s what he gets. Mr Jim had no idea what had happened, I told him.. he said “remember we have to think positive, we don’t know what people are going through that is making them negative”. So after that long story the lesson is….
Be kind bc you don’t know what others are going through.

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Backblast 9/18/20

Splits Q:

Q: Splits
PAX: Jewels, Buttercup, Cleats, Zinny, Firecracker, Numbers, Freestyle, Strings, Salty, Bindi, Doublemint.


Warm up: big arm circles, stretch arms, potato diggers, Quad stretch, Bridge lap

The Thang: Exercises assigned to a letter of the alphabet, and spelling out answers like, “What’s your FIA name? Cat or dog? Cabin or beach?, etc”

COT: Instead of asking “why is this happening to me?” Try asking “what is this teaching me” James 1:2-3

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Backblast 9/17/20

Boston Q:

Boston (Q), Peaches, Beep-Beep, Troy, Glitter-Bob

Warm up: Would you Rather game. We did shuffles, grapevines, and duck walks to the side we chose and then shuffled back to center. Would you rather-
Beach or mountain
wake up early or go to bed late
coffee or tea
own a dog or cat
order an appetizer or dessert
swim in a pool or ocean
be too hot or cold
watch a horror or comedy movie
summer or winter
go camping or stay in a hotel
strength or cardio exercise

The Thang: We did a tabata style workout as follows-
Exercise of FiA’s choice- 30 sec
Mountain climbers/jumping jacks- 30 sec
Rest- 30 sec

After several rounds of tabata, we did a plank challenge to the song Work from Home by Fifth Harmony. We held a plank the whole song, and every time we heard the word “work,” we did shoulder taps.

Cool-down: light stretches led by Boston

COT: Wednesday was the first day of school in FRPS, and my niece’s 1st day of 1st grade! There were tears. A lot of tears. A lot of frustration on both of our parts. At one point that morning she was having difficulty reading a sentence, and said that it was too hard and she wasn’t going to try. I told her that “you can do hard things.” Just because something is difficult, does not mean that you will not be able to do it. So, she went on, and figured out the sentence. Bravo :clap:. Moving on, my day continued to get shittier and shittier. I was stressed out to the max. Right before I showed up for FiA South Coast, I was sitting on my couch, staring, completely stressed. I went into my bathroom closet and pulled out my mother’s reeeeally old, almost empty bottle of perfume she used to wear all the time. (For those of you who don’t know, my mother passed away 8 years ago). I pulled the cap off and smelled it. I instantly broke down and cried. However, the first thought that popped into my mind was, “you can do hard things.” I somewhat started to feel better after that thought.SO, my message to you is that when things get tough, know that you too, can do hard things. 

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Backblast 9/14/20

Margarette Q:

Pax: Remi, Peaches, Jewels, Freestyle, Katahdin, Atlas, Passport, Crush, Bindi 


Warmup: high knees, arm circles

The Thang:

Run a lap around half of farmers market
50 jumping jacks
10 lunges
20 squats
20 calf raisesRun a lap around half of farmers market
50 high knees
10 tricep extensions
20 bicep curls
20 shoulder presses
Run a lap around half of farmers market
50 mountain climbers
10 leg lifts
20 sit-ups
20 bicycle crunches

CoT: our sermon yesterday was about the importance of community and how we can lean on each other and build each other up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says “Two people are better than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.” This can apply to your church community, your work community, you home life and certainly FiA. As us FiAs say, we are better together. We truly need each other to make it through this crazy world.

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Backblast 9/12/20

Troy Q:

Pax: bindi, salty, calamity jean, mango, m safari, Elsa, summit


Thang: burpee chase – circle up, 2 spots start burpees where 1 person does a burpee and then it passes along the circle. The 1 burpee “trains” try to catch one another. Once someone is “caught” they have to do a lap. This didn’t super work out and we did it once lol.

Next was 20Q. Round 1 was yes = swans, no = curls; 2 was y = scarecrows, n = tricep press; 3 was y = jog in place, n = squats.

COT: behavioral activation