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Backblast 2/29/20

Vanilla Ice Leap Day Q:

PAX: F-Stop, Elsa, Vanilla Ice

Warmup: jumping Jax and potato diggers in cadence

Insert Burpee Train #1

The Thang:
29 reps of each exercise at each station, spelling out LEAP.

Insert Burpee Train #2

Repeated another set of the 29 reps of 4 exercises. Finished with 3 sets of 15 sit-ups to get our fitness challenge in.

Stretching, counting, namorama

The Skinny:
Suppose an eccentric but benevolent millionaire told you that on the stroke of midnight he was going to deposit in your bank account a gift of eighty-six thousand four hundred dollars. What would you say?You’d probably say, “What’s the catch?”And he would say, “The catch is that in the following twenty-four hours, you will have to spend it all. If you don’t, it will vanish.”Eighty-six thousand four hundred dollars? Not very likely. But how about eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds? That’s the number of extra time-units that this Leap Year Day brings to all of us. And when the hands of the clock close on midnight tonight, all of them will be gone.What should one do with these bonus minutes and hours? Not an easy question, is it? I put it to an old friend much wiser than I, and this is what he said: “There’s a little game I play with myself on Leap Year Day. I call it ‘Suppose.’ Suppose all the little pleasures and satisfactions we take for granted happened to us only once in four years?Little things like the smell of bacon frying, or the song of a bird, or the laughter of children playing in the yard. If such things happened only on Leap Year Day, how precious and marvelous they would seem. If you play this little game, even half seriously, it will intensify your awareness and your appreciation for all the days that have been given us. Use this extra day to remind you how wonderful life really is on all the other days. Don’t put pressure on yourself to use this extra day to be more productive or get more done. Just rest, reflect, and take time for the little things.

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Backblast 2/27/20

Salty Q:

PAX: Sgt Socks, Pollo Loco, water bear, Boulder, beep beep and Salty

Equipment: mat

Warm up questions – everyone does the exercise till everyone names these things.
Jumping jacks – Coffee drinks
High knees – coffee mediums
Arm circles – Coffee brands
Potato diggers – countries where they produce coffee

The Thang:
My fave coffee drinks: Espresso 30g caffeine 30 BURPEES
Bullet coffee 50 g fat 50 MTN CLIMBERS
Diner coffee 95 caffeine 95 PUSHUPS
Pour over 145mg caffeine 145 TRICEP DIPS
Americano 225 mg caffeine 225 SQUATS
Nitro 16oz is 280mg caff 280 GLUTE BRIDGE

Dora style partner workout. One partner runs to the benches while the other does the workout. Together the two will complete all the reps and exercises above.

The Skinny: COT Nothing spectacular really. Just an encouragement to do the next right thing!! Don’t think so far in the future that you forget to do the right thing today!!

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Backblast 2/26/20

Margarette Q:

PAX: Crush, Atlas, Gish, F-Stop

Warmup: potato diggers in Candace to stretch legs and a lap around farmers market

The Thang:
7 min AMRAP
15 jump squats
10 pushups
5 burpees

Run a lap/ 20 mountain climbers

7 min AMRAP
15 tricep dips
10 jump lunges
5 burpees

Run a lap/ 20 jumping jacks

7 min AMRAP
15 shoulder taps
10 glute bridges
5 burpees

The Skinny:
I talked briefly about Lent. I haven’t really observed it before but felt led to and encouraged by a friend to participate this year. I am choosing to give up social media since I seem to waste way too much time on it and refocus on what really matters.

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Backblast 2/24/20

Gish Q:

PAX: F-stop, Margarette, Altas, Gish

Equipment: mat, light dumbbells (~5 lbs. each), medium dumbbells (~15 lbs. each)

– Boxer Shuffle
– Windmills
– Arm Circles
– Tin Soldiers
– Inchworms
– Butt Kickers
– Squats w/ Push Pulls

Upper Body Strength and Cardio:
10 reps each strength(A); 40 secs each cardio(B)
ABA format

– Chest Fly; heavy weight
– Reverse Fly; light weight

– Fly Jack
– High Knee Pause

– Arnold Press; heavy
– DB Pull Over; light

– jumping Jack
– Flutter Kick Squat

– Bicep Curl; heavy
– Overhead Tricep Extension; light

– tin soldiers
– Walk Down

– Ventral Raise; light
– Bent Over Dorsal Raise; light

– Ventral Jack
– Butt Kickers

We worked through this cycle nearly twice before getting some arm stretches is.

COT: If you too scared to get out there and see what life has to give you, you’re never going to get the reward. It’s hard to get up on a rainy Monday morning for a workout, but we get the reward of a healthy start to the week, seeing some smiling (and sleepy-not-so-smiley) faces, and making our bodies stronger than they were yesterday. We get the rewards for making the effort and showing up even when we’re unsure of the outcome. This thought process applies to most aspects of my life. I find it too easy to hide away and say that making a change or sticking my neck out won’t make a difference, but the benefits far outweigh the disappointments when you decide to just make it happen. Show up. Speak out. Get uncomfortable. It’s so good!

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Backblast 2/22/20

Vanilla Ice Q:

PAX: Summit, F-Stop, All-Star, Gish, Salty, Msafiri, Atlas

Warmup in cadence

The Thang:
Tabata workout. 30 seconds on, 15 second rest. Each exercise we did 3 times then had a 45 second break. Then we finished with a lap run cooldown and stretching.

The Skinny:
I’ve never been a patient person and I hate waiting, but lately it seems I’ve been doing a lot of that. Waiting for my fiancé to get LSAT scores back, to hear from law schools, and now to hear back about the waitlists he’s been placed on. I’m not comfortable with my life plan being put on hold but recently I came across this devotional and it really spoke to my heart.

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Backblast 2/19/20

Crush & Margarette CoQ:

PAX: Margarette, Crush, Gish, Atlas, F-Stop, All Star, Atlas, Derby

Equipment: mat, block

Warmup: 15 each
High knees
Jumping jacks

The Thang: partner work, partner A completed reps until partner B is back from run (etc) to steps and back then switch

A: burpees with block
B: run

A: nice curls with block
B: bear crawl down, run back

A: chest press with block
B: run

A: shoulder press with block
B: lunges, run back

A: deadlift with block
B: run

A: calf raises
B: farmer carries with block

A: tricep dip on block
B: run

The Skinny: COT from Priscilla Shirer’s book Awaken.
40-90% of what we do is habit. We often get stuck in bad habits, but habits can be good or bad. FIA is a good habit!

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Backblast 2/16/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Gish, Margarette, Crush, Atlas, F-Stop, All Star, Elsa, G.I. Jane, Atlas, Burpee

Equipment: mat, set of medium dumbbells (~15 pounds each)

Warmup: 30 seconds each
High knee Jacks
Warrior lunges
Double kick tap
Up and out jacks

The Thang: work through the following 2 times
(HIIT is 20 sec work; 10 seconds active rest x4. Strength sets between.) . Kick up and lunge
15 deadlifts Jump squats
15 clean and press alternating arms (15 each arm) Narrow to wide squats
25 kettleball swings Plank jacks
15 bridges Double ball busters
15 double dip squats (We got a burpee train to finish things off nicely!)

The Skinny: I keep seeing FNGs at workouts, recently, and I love it SO much! We all bring such different personalities and strengths to FiA, and it wouldn’t be the wonderful group it is without these differences.

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Backblast 2/11/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Doublemint, Houston, Margarette, Athena, Whoopi, 12 Gauge, Salty, Snooki, Boulder, Gish

Gear: cinder blocks and mats

30 seconds on; 10 seconds off:
Jumping jacks
Rotating planks
Shuffle taps
Side lunges
monkey humpers (booty pops?)
Arm circles Hold tricep dip upright form for one minute while explaining The Thang.
Leave blocks at base

The Thang:
Complete each set and hold squat or plank until everyone is done. Then move to next set.

Jog mats to bottom of hill
20 bridges
Hill run
20 plié Relevé heel taps
Hold plank or squat when done

Jog to base
20 jump Squats
Flat sprint
20 weighted Squats
Hold plank or squat when done

Jog to bottom of hill
20 diamond Push Ups
Hill run
20 regular Push Ups
Hold plank or squat when done

Jog to base
20 weighted Lunges
Flat sprint
20 reverse Lunges
Hold plank or squat when done

Jog to bottom of hill
20 reverse situps
Hill run
20 Superwomen (bird dog pulses for the preggos)
Hold plank or squat when done

Jog to base
20 kettlebell swings
Flat sprint
20 deadlifts
Hold plank or squat when done

(We had to stop here due to time, but we got a burpee train, so it evened things out!)

Jog or walk to bottom of hill 20 burpees
Hill run
20 hydraulics
Hold plank or squat when done

Jog or run to base
20 bicep curls
Flat travel
20 overhead presses
Hold plank or squat when done

Cool Down:
Walk back to get mats
More stretching as needed.

The Skinny: I was so lucky to switch Q’s this week and do an evening Q! I love the RAD ladies and am so thrilled to spend time with each of you, sharing the love!

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Backblast 2/10/20

Atlas Q:

PAX: Atlas, Doublemint, Crush, Margarette, Whoopi, Salty, Athena, Passport, Derby, F-Stop, Gish, G.I.Jane

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Workout at your own risk and modify exercises as necessary.

Warm-up: Jumping Jacks in cadence, High Knees in cadence, stretch arms and legs

The Thang: One exercise per letter on the FiA Spelling Bee poster. PAX started out by spelling their own FiA name (4 reps per letter) and held plank or squat until everyone finished. Then we took turns drawing a word out of the cup. Words of four letters or more were 4 reps per letter. Words with 1, 2, or 3 letters were 10 reps per letter.

Cool Down: PAX stretched it out as we circled up.
The Skinny: We are all in need of community. I am thankful for FiA and the fact that it gave me a community after moving to Johnson City. I love that our group is a diverse mix of women who come together for a common purpose.

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Backblast 2/5/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Margarette, Passport, Gish
Warmup: 90 seconds work; 15 seconds rest
Shuffle shuffle shuffle tap
Side lunges and wide forward booty pops
Runners lunges with side twist (each side)
Around the world (each direction)

The Thang:
90 sec work
15 sec rest Plank
Donkey kicks left
Donkey kicks right
Side plank left
Side plank right Leg swings left
Leg swing right
Passé and Drag left
Passé and drag right
Plié Releve
scissors Prayer pulses
Tricep dips
Robot arms
Walnut crushers
Milk jugs

The skinny: Don’t feel guilty to have free time! I had a long weekend and was anxious about wasting time not working and bringing in money, but it ended up being more relaxing and productive than I could have planned. We just have to appreciate our fortune and use our moments well. No need for guilt!