Recent Workouts

Backblast 2/24/20

Gish Q:

PAX: F-stop, Margarette, Altas, Gish

Equipment: mat, light dumbbells (~5 lbs. each), medium dumbbells (~15 lbs. each)

– Boxer Shuffle
– Windmills
– Arm Circles
– Tin Soldiers
– Inchworms
– Butt Kickers
– Squats w/ Push Pulls

Upper Body Strength and Cardio:
10 reps each strength(A); 40 secs each cardio(B)
ABA format

– Chest Fly; heavy weight
– Reverse Fly; light weight

– Fly Jack
– High Knee Pause

– Arnold Press; heavy
– DB Pull Over; light

– jumping Jack
– Flutter Kick Squat

– Bicep Curl; heavy
– Overhead Tricep Extension; light

– tin soldiers
– Walk Down

– Ventral Raise; light
– Bent Over Dorsal Raise; light

– Ventral Jack
– Butt Kickers

We worked through this cycle nearly twice before getting some arm stretches is.

COT: If you too scared to get out there and see what life has to give you, you’re never going to get the reward. It’s hard to get up on a rainy Monday morning for a workout, but we get the reward of a healthy start to the week, seeing some smiling (and sleepy-not-so-smiley) faces, and making our bodies stronger than they were yesterday. We get the rewards for making the effort and showing up even when we’re unsure of the outcome. This thought process applies to most aspects of my life. I find it too easy to hide away and say that making a change or sticking my neck out won’t make a difference, but the benefits far outweigh the disappointments when you decide to just make it happen. Show up. Speak out. Get uncomfortable. It’s so good!