Recent Workouts

Backblast 2/5/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Margarette, Passport, Gish
Warmup: 90 seconds work; 15 seconds rest
Shuffle shuffle shuffle tap
Side lunges and wide forward booty pops
Runners lunges with side twist (each side)
Around the world (each direction)

The Thang:
90 sec work
15 sec rest Plank
Donkey kicks left
Donkey kicks right
Side plank left
Side plank right Leg swings left
Leg swing right
Passé and Drag left
Passé and drag right
Plié Releve
scissors Prayer pulses
Tricep dips
Robot arms
Walnut crushers
Milk jugs

The skinny: Don’t feel guilty to have free time! I had a long weekend and was anxious about wasting time not working and bringing in money, but it ended up being more relaxing and productive than I could have planned. We just have to appreciate our fortune and use our moments well. No need for guilt!