Recent Workouts

Backblast 2/19/20

Crush & Margarette CoQ:

PAX: Margarette, Crush, Gish, Atlas, F-Stop, All Star, Atlas, Derby

Equipment: mat, block

Warmup: 15 each
High knees
Jumping jacks

The Thang: partner work, partner A completed reps until partner B is back from run (etc) to steps and back then switch

A: burpees with block
B: run

A: nice curls with block
B: bear crawl down, run back

A: chest press with block
B: run

A: shoulder press with block
B: lunges, run back

A: deadlift with block
B: run

A: calf raises
B: farmer carries with block

A: tricep dip on block
B: run

The Skinny: COT from Priscilla Shirer’s book Awaken.
40-90% of what we do is habit. We often get stuck in bad habits, but habits can be good or bad. FIA is a good habit!