Recent Workouts

Backblast 2/16/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Gish, Margarette, Crush, Atlas, F-Stop, All Star, Elsa, G.I. Jane, Atlas, Burpee

Equipment: mat, set of medium dumbbells (~15 pounds each)

Warmup: 30 seconds each
High knee Jacks
Warrior lunges
Double kick tap
Up and out jacks

The Thang: work through the following 2 times
(HIIT is 20 sec work; 10 seconds active rest x4. Strength sets between.) . Kick up and lunge
15 deadlifts Jump squats
15 clean and press alternating arms (15 each arm) Narrow to wide squats
25 kettleball swings Plank jacks
15 bridges Double ball busters
15 double dip squats (We got a burpee train to finish things off nicely!)

The Skinny: I keep seeing FNGs at workouts, recently, and I love it SO much! We all bring such different personalities and strengths to FiA, and it wouldn’t be the wonderful group it is without these differences.