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Backblast 1/30/20

Houston Q:

PAX: Houston (Q), Athena, Snooki, Salty, Sgt Socks, Shop Vac, Gish, Derby, Doublemint, & FNG Boulder


Warm up: Tombstone Hill Relay
PAX will race up tombstone hill with a block and then pass off to a teammate to carry the block down. Repeat until all PAX have run up & down twice. Squats at the top and inclined push ups at the bottom while you wait!

The Thang: It’s a Block Party! Complete 30 reps of each exercise below with a block for as many as possible.
-block lifts
-step ups
-high knees
-side bends
-block swings
-block carry
-sit ups
-standing twists
Rinse & repeat!

Cool down: Ring of Fire
Hold a plank for the length of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” unless it is your turn to complete 10 push ups! Stretch.

COT: “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” In this time of waiting and looking forward, remember to slow down and try for patience.

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Backblast 1/29/20

Margarette Q:

PAX: Margarette (Q), Gish, Peaches

Warm up: jumping jacks and high knees in cadence

The Thang:
Descending ladder with a run between each round:
50 bicep curls
40 mountain climbers
30 sec plank
20 crunches
10 lieutenant Dans 50 Superman’s
40 shoulder taps
30 leg lifts
20 calf raises
10 tricep dips

COT: I just wanted to talk about “non-scale” victories. I recently ordered some fishing waders. I had ordered a large and when they arrived, they did not fit me. I felt myself mentally saying all the mean things to myself- “you’ve been working out, why don’t these fit you,” “you should be skinny enough to fit in these,” etc. I had to stop myself and remind myself that I’m way healthier than ever before, I’ve been exercising, eating healthy and taking care of my emotional well being. I feel better and those are the things I need to focus on, NOT a pair of waders fitting or not fitting me.

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Backblast 1/28/20

Shop-Vac Q:

Deck of Death
PAX: Houston, Salty, 12 gauge, Twain, Snooki, Doublemint, Shop-vac

The thing:
We circled up around a deck of cards. Each suit representative workout. Spade’s were burpees, diamonds were lunges, clubs were push-ups, and hearts were bicycle crunches. As each card was flipped, the corresponding workout was done in cadence to the number represented on the card with aces being one, Jack’s being 11, Queens being 12, and Kings being 13. Burpees were the only workout not done in cadence and lunges were alternating legs. We managed to make it through the entire deck, took a field lap, and circled up for counter Rama and name-a-rama where we were able to welcome 12 gauge and Twain to FiA.

COT: we are so frequently encouraged as women to focus on self care – mind, body, etc. Over the last 6-8 weeks, I have found myself struggling in ways that no self-care had helped…. At least not really. And then just the other day, a friend of mine posted an article that caught my attention. It was discussing how self-care, caring for our bodies and minds, is truly so important, but that sometimes, we need to sit in the discomfort. When all the self-care that we as women and Americans so quickly recommend to our friends doesn’t work, sometimes sitting in the discomfort of whatever it is that is pressing on us or them is what is needed to grow us and to draw us closer to God. So i encourage you each to be willing to be uncomfortable because then, you might hear or discover what you need to do, where you need to grow, and draw closer to God in the midst of the discomfort.

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Backblast 1/27/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Elsa, Maragrette, G.I. Jane, Katahdin

Gear: dumbbells (5-10 pounds), mat, water

Warmup is that first round of cardio

The Thang: Start with a round of cardio and do one round of cardio between each circuit. Hold squat/plank and/or grab water after each cardio until every FIA is ready to progress.

30 Jumping Jacks
20 Mountain climber
10 Burpees Circuit 1: 30 reps each
Kettlebell swing
Weighted bridge
Circuit 2: repeat 1 with 20 reps each
Circuit 3: 20 reps each
Bicep curls
Tricep kickback
Overhead press
Hammer curls
Circuit 4: repeat 3 with 10 reps each
Circuit 5: 20 reps each
Chest flys
Dumbbell plank rows
Circuit 6: repeat 5 with 10 reps each

COT: I’m getting so sluggish and foggy-brained, right now, and I wouldn’t be able to keep my stuff together and stay working out regularly without the support team that is FiA. Thank you all, so much, for showing up and supporting one another!

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Backblast 1/25/20

Calamity Jean

PAX: Houston, Salty, Gish, Atlas, Doublemint, All Star, Msafari, G.I. Jane, Calamity Jean (Q)

Warm Up: One lap around Founders Park in the sleeting rain

The Thang: After relocating to the pavilion, PAX used timer for two minutes interval exercises followed by Sally at the end.

COT: Yesterday I was the perfect picture. I went to work, and work was hard. I didn’t want to work, didn’t want to cook, didn’t want to do this workout today. I almost texted Msafari and told her to take over because I didn’t want to do it. But I did it, and I’m glad. And I’m glad you all came out and did it with me. We are truly better together.

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Backblast 1/22/20

Gish Q:

Pax: Peaches, G.I. Jane, Margarette, Crush, All Star, Houston, Jewels
Q: Gish

Equipment: light hand weights, mat, and water

Follow the leader trade off around farmers market
-Do a “leap frog run”
-run, lunge, hop, squat, bear crawl, or whatever else each leader makes the PAX do!

The Thang: PAX uses a timer to follow through four sets of Tabata, each followed by a Strength set. Each Tabata is work for 20 seconds and rest for 10, repeating four times. Each strength set is just work for 30 seconds on each of the two exercises for three minutes. Rest for 30 seconds between Tabata and Strength.

Tabata 1: burpees and jumping jacks
Strength 1: pushups and walking lunges
Tabata 2: high knees and skater lunges
Strength 2: dumbbell rows and squats with shoulder press
Tabata 3: jump squats and mountain climbers
Strength 3: reverse lunges and plank
Tabata 4: toe taps and buttkickers
Strength 4: tricep dips and step ups

The Skinny:
(A bit of a ramble)
This week, I was talking to my husband about how I wonder if he would get a positive experience out of hanging with the F3 fellas, and his instant reaction was that there is something vile or unchristian about competition. I explained that I agree with that in many cases, but it all depends on your intention when you are in such a group. Of course there is competition, but the true intention of FIA and F3 is to grow as a community, strengthening one another. If you only seek competition, you’re missing out on the true meat of the organization. The sustaining force of FIA is the support and shared strength! As we participate in the “stronger you” challenge, I certainly don’t see greedy competition. It’s quite the opposite. This type of challenge helps remind us of ways that we can connect with and support one another’s while continuing to crush personal goals!

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Backblast 1/21/20

Houston Q:

“60 sec AMRAP”

PAX: Houston (Q), Athena, Salty, Elsa, Derby, Snooki, Shop-Vac, GI Jane, All-Star, Doublemint, & Lucy

Warm up: High knees and potato diggers IC

The Thang: Complete as many reps as possible of each exercise below in the 60 second time limit, and then run/jog for 60 seconds in between each exercise.
-jump squats
-inclined push ups
-right side bends
-left side bends
-step ups
-overhead claps
-sit ups

Rinse and repeat. Finish with a cool down walk instead of run/jog and stretching.

COT: from William’s Bridges, on transitions “change is instant, transitions take time.” As we make changes throughout the year, make sure to give yourself the time to mentally transition from that change.

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Backblast 1/20/20

Margarette Q:

“Catch me if you can”

PAX: Margarette (Q), Gish, Snap, Threat Level, GI Jane, Crush, All-Star, Passport, Elsa, Jewels, MSafari, Houston

Warm up: high knees and potato digger in cadence

The Thang: Workout borrowed from FiA Lake Wylie backbkasts. FiAs partnered ho and ran opposite directions around the farmers market pavilion. Each time partners met up they did an exercise in this order:
10 squats
9 burpees
8 hillbillies
7 lunges
6 pretzel arms
5 mountain climbers
4 calf raises
3 pushups
2 lateral lunges
1 min plank
We had time to go back through the list and ended with Sally.

Proverbs 16:24 “Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”. Our words impact others thoughts. We can speak life to someone with the words we speak. Strive to always be uplifting and encouraging. Give Toby Mac “Speak Life” a listen.

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Backblast 1/18/20

Calamity Jean Q:

Olympic 3-pack

PAX: Calamity Jean, Katahdin, Crush, Sweet Tooth, Msafari, Gish, Vanilla_ice, Whoopi, Margarette, All Star, Salty, Jet Lag (NEW!!)

Warm up: high knees and toe touches in cadenceThe Thang: We went to tombstone hill, and everyone was divided in pairs of two. Partners tossed the medicine ball to each other as they ran up the hill. One at the top they were responsible for doing 50 squats. The run would be completed two more times alternately doing 50 sumo squats and 50 squat jumps. Those still at the bottom of the hill. Would plank for 10 seconds and then do push-ups, adding an extra pushup every time they plank. We went back to the field and tossed the dice adding 3 to whatever the workout was.


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Backblast 1/16/20

Whoopi Q:

PAX of 6 – Whoopi (Q), Salty, All Star, Vanilla Ice, ShopVac, Gish

Fitness Challenge – 30 squats, 25 sumo squats, 20 jump squats
For each exercise: Hold Exercise Static x 30 secs, Pulse x 15 secs, Rest x 15 secs
Plank, Right Plank, Left Plank, Superman, Push up
2 min rest
Squat, Plié on toes, Leg lift, Glute bridge, V up
2 min rest
Flat tri dip, Straight arm, Side arms up, Push against, Side arms back
2 min rest
Run one lap, walk one lap

COT: I recently posted an opinion piece on FB and found out that many of my friends have STRONG opinions on it, for and against. It was stressful to moderate, but I also spent time thinking about how different some of my friends are (or in my case, friends from a past life and friends from now). It is really easy to surround yourself with people who are just like you, but I don’t want to miss out on what people different than me have to teach. And as much as I don’t want to be defined by a single aspect of who I am, whether it be “mother” or “Christian” or “woman”, neither does anyone else. But it takes time to see the uniqueness of someone who you may think you already have pegged. FIA is such an incredible space because we are open to ALL women. Women who are similar and very different from us. And there is inherent worth in every single one of us. So I challenge everyone to take the time to intentionally add people to your circle that you may not hit it off with immediately. Maybe ask another FIA out for coffee that you know is on the other side of the political spectrum or doesn’t share your faith. Not to convert them, but to SEE the whole person they are and learn a little.