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Backblast 5/30/20

Salty Q:

PAX: ShopVac, GI Jane, Jewels, Msafari, Atlas

The Thang:
4×4 workout
AMRAP for 4 minutes
4 pushups
4 sit-ups
4 superwomans
4 Burpees
Recover 1 min
AMRAP for 4 minutes
4 rosalitas
4 Tricep extensions
4 lunges
4 burpees
Recover 1 min
AMRAP for 4 minutes
4 leg lifts
4 Fire hydrant left
4 Fire Hydrant right
4 burpees
Recover 1 min
Rinse & Repeat one time

Bear-Muda triangle with Russia twists – three groups and the pax will bear crawl from one corner to the next. At each corner they will do Russian twists. They’ll start with 2 and go up by 2s till they reach 20 reps.

COT: I have recently found myself in some difficult circumstances. Life is messy!! But the Bible encourages me when it says to count it all joy when you face trials of various kinds. James 1. I’m definitely not there but that’s what I strive for. That takes a special person to be able to look at your trials and to overcome them with JOY! Not always happiness but with joyful ness.I just googled what’s the difference between happiness and joy.
Happiness is an emotion in which one experiences feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense pleasure. Joy is a stronger, less common feeling than happiness.I think it takes a great bit of maturity but this is my goal. I want my difficult circumstances to bring out the best in me!

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Backblast 5/28/20

ShopVac Q:

Pax: Vanilla Ice, Athena, Whoopi, Checklist, Dr. Buff, salty, Sgt. Socks, Doublemint, Shop-Vac

Warm-up: high knees in cadence, potato diggers in cadence, windmills in cadence

The thing:
We gathered together to play cards. I shuffle the deck, though controversial according to the packs, and for every card we drew, it determined the workout. The exercises were as follows:
*Aces – run down to the third light pole and back
*Faces – 25 JJax
*Hearts with numbers – flutter kicks: qty-face value in cadence
*Clubs with numbers – flutter kicks: qty-face value + 10
*Diamonds with numbers – Squats: qty-face value
*Spades with numbers – pushups: qty-face value

We’re able to get through one deck and then we were able to partially start a second round before time.

COT: Sometimes just showing up is enough. Sometimes showing up is all we can do. Hopefully we will consider it a victory and not punish ourselves if we feel like showing up is not enough! Today, you are enough. Yesterday, you were enough. Tomorrow, you will be enough!

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Backblast 5/27/20

Proton Q:

PAX: Passport, Jewels, Crush, Margarette, Atlas

The Thang:  One of my favorite workouts is using a deck of cards!

Warm up:  Jumping jacks and potato diggers in cadence

Workout:  We made it all the way through a deck of cards (!!!) and began again before it was time to end the workout. We did at minimum 84 of each exercise (


 – crunches 


 – push-ups 


 – bicycle crunches 


– jumping jacks)

plus “avalanches” for aces where a member of the PAX would begin an exercise, and only when she stopped could the next person stop, and this continued until the end of the circle.

A Proton workout wouldn’t be complete without a burpee train, so we had a medium-sized train this morning to get us REALLY moving.

The skinny: 

Our COT was stressing the importance of community. This is something that is always important, but it’s especially important during our lives along the social distance/quarantine spectrum. I am so thankful for my FiA sisters who encourage health and community.

Jewels’s birthday is tomorrow, so we wished her a happy one, but, at her request, did not sing.

It was a busy but wonderful morning. Thanks for coming out, y’all! 

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Backblast 5/26/20

ShopVac Q (Quarantine Field Day):

Pax of 7 which included 2 FNGs (Welcome @check list and @highlander) Salty, Doublemint, Lucy, Shop-Vac, Sgt Socks

We did a criss cross pattern across the field for our field day Q today. Starting at the first light pole, we crossed the field to the adjacent light pole doing long jumps. At the second pole, we bear crawled back across the field to the pole. Finally, we made it to the pole and turned around and lunged back across the field once more. When we finally finished lunging across the field, we sprinted the semicircle back to the beginning and did 20 pushups, 20 tri dips and 20 crunches with a rinse and repeat once.After everyone finished 2 rounds of this, we introduced sally with pushups to our two new fngs. After sally, we proceeded to run suicided of 2 poles on the field with 10 squats at each pole and finishing with 10 burpees. Rinsed and repeated the suicides making a set of 2 suicides and we finished up with a ring of fire of squats.We finally cooled down with a long stretch and named our two new FNGs.

typically, at the end of year, I love doing a field AQ to celebrate the end of school in the beginning of summer. This year, field day looked a little different just like everything else has lately. But what we celebrate and how we celebrate it shouldn’t look any different. The celebration of what has ended whether it be good, bad, a growing experience, or hurtful is important because it allows us to look forward to the next season with hope. To my wish for you all is that you take a moment to celebrate the ending of this season, regardless of how you feel about it, so that you can open yourself up to look forward to the next season with hope!

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Backblast 5/25/20

Katahdin Q (Camp FiA):

PAX: Vanilla Ice, Houston, Salty, Msafiri, Peaches, G.I. Jane, Whoopi

The Thang: Tomorrow is my 2-year FiAversary, today is a holiday, and it’s (basically) summer time!
What better than to go to Camp FiA for the day!
Welcome to Camp FiA! Today we are here to get active, get strong, make memories, and most important… HAVE FUN!
 It’s summer vacation and first day of Camp! Let’s warm up by celebrating!
                                VACATION by The Go-Go’s
 ·         Jog in place
·         High knees
·         Butt kickers
·         Half jumping jacks
·         Side-to-side dance
 Now it’s time to go on our hike! (to field)
                                SEND ME ON MY WAY by Rusted Root
 ·         20 Mountain climbers
·         20 Side walking lunges (each side)
·         20 Mountain climbers
·          Walking lunges the rest of the way
Camp sports time!
                                EYE OF THE TIGER by Survivor
 ·   Tennis ball arm circles (intro)
·   Quickfeet (@ beat drop)
·   Sumo squats (@ singing)
·   Air punches (@ “eye of the tiger”)
·   Pushups (@ “face to face”)
·   Air punches (@ “eye of the tiger”)
·   Situps (@ “rising up)
·   Air punches (@ “eye of the tiger”)
·   Ice skaters (@ 2nd “eye of the tiger” in outro)
 Line up in lines of 3 @ one end of field.
                                MAN! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN! by Shania Twain ·   Soccer dribble drill up one way, wait @ other side for others
·   Skip
·   Side gallop
·   Backpedal
·   Repeat until song ends
 Now to cool off, we are heading to the beach. Let’s do some fun beach stuff!
                                GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN by Cyndi Lauper
 ·   Hula hooping: R arm
·   L arm
·    Both arms
·    Upper body/torso
·   R hip
·   L hip
·   Full hula
                                FUN, FUN, FUN by The Beach Boys
·         20 Jump basketball throws
·         15 (each side) Donkey kick / hydrants
·         Inchworms (until end of song)
 The water looks great, time to get out there!
                                SURFIN’ U.S.A.
 ·   Surf arms
·   Board switch jumps (@ pick-up)
·   Surf squat (2nd verse)
·   Board switch jumps (@ pick-up)
·   Boat-canoes (keytar solo)
·   Surf arms (refrains to end)
                                WIPE OUT by The Surfaris
 ·   Run to beach (jog in place) (intro)
·   Hop on R leg (@ guitar starts)
·   Hop on L leg (@ after 12 counts)
·   Mermaids R side (@ drums)
·   Clamshells R side (@ guitar)
·   Mermaids L side (@ drums)
·   Clamshells L side (@ guitar)
·   Rosalitas (@ drums)
·   Reverse crunches (@ guitar)
·   Swimmers (@ guitar repeat)
 Time to dry off and get some sun!
                                ESCAPE (PINA COLADA) by Rupert Holmes
 ·   Plank
·   Boat (@ “If you like pina coladas”)
·   Leg lifts (@ instruments)
·   R side plank (@ next verse)
·   Boat (@ “If you like pina coladas”)
·   Leg lifts (@ instruments)
·   L side plank (@ next verse)
·   Boat (@ “If you like pina coladas”)
·   Leg lifts (@ instruments to end of song)
 Time for lunch! Oh look, there’s a funky little shack in the middle of a field and it looks like it sells pretzels!
                                LOVE SHACK by The B-52’s
 ·   Hallelujahs
·   Back behinds (@ “I got me a car”)
·   Pretzel arms (@ “The Love Shack”)
·   Back behinds (@ “sign says…”)
·   Pretzel arms (@ “The Love Shack”)
·   Prayer arms (@ “Huggin’ and a-kissin’”)
·   Back behinds (@ guitar solo)
·   Pretzel arms (@ “The Love Shack”)
·   Goal post arms (@ jazz horns)
·   Knock arms every time they say “Bang”
·   Back behinds (@ “Love Shack”)
 It’s time for arts and crafts! Today we will be focusing on painting.
                                WANNABE by Spice Girls
 ·   “Painting” (Up+R to L toes)
·   Switch sides (@ “If you want my future”)
·   Sweeping squats (@ “If you wanna be my lover”)
·   Painting (@ “Whatcha think about that”)
·   Switch sides (@ “If you wanna be my lover”)
·   Sweeping squats (@ “So here’s the story”)
·   Rainbow butts (@ “If you wanna be my lover”)
·   Switch sides (@ “Slam your bodies down”)
 Finally, it’s time for spooky campfire stories!
                                HOLD ON by Wilson Phillips
 ·         Rest
·         Burpees (@ “Someday somebody’s…”)
·         Rest (@ “You can sustain…”)
·         Burpees (@ “Someday somebody’s…”)
·         Rest (@ “I know that there is pain”)
·         Burpees (@ “Someday somebody’s…”)

·       OYO stretches (and singing)

The Skinny:
COT: It goes without saying that today is a very somber holiday. In light of that, let’s take a brief moment of silence to honor and thank our service members……………… So, today is Memorial Day, and we are still in the midst of a global crisis, so it might feel uncouth to be out here today, enjoying each other’s company. However, think of any movie where the characters are facing an overwhelming danger. The parts of the movie where they are able to have a bit of fun, laugh, and smile are the parts where they remember how to be human, regain morale, and celebrate life.
·        We may not be in immediate danger like the people in these movies, or like millions of real people, soldiers included, in the world, but we have been facing a very real trauma around us all the time, every day. We cannot and should not undervalue the power of creativity, expression, and happiness. By exercising these forms of human soul-healing, we are boosting our own morale and celebrating life. We are fortunate enough to be here, in a place where we are able to do these things rather safely, because of the dedication of those who came before us. The reason anyone makes a sacrifice is in the hope of making the world a better place for the people they are leaving behind.
·        So today we are honoring these people by expressing our humanness. By being creative and having fun. When we actively put more positivity out into the world, we are helping to build the better world those who sacrificed had in mind.

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Backblast 5/21/20

Vanilla Ice Q:

PAX: Salty, Doublemint, Athena, Shop-Vac

The Thang:

Tabata: 45 seconds on, 15 second rest:
A: 150 ankle biters (each leg counts)
D: 125 donkey kicks (each leg counts)
A: 100 alt shoulder taps (each arm counts)
P: 75 pushups
T: 50 tricep extensions
Lap run
Dice Game: first roll is reps, second roll is the workout:
2: squats
3: jumping jacks
4: push-ups
5: sit-ups
6: imperial walkers
7: high knees
8: hold plank
9: plank jacks
10: glute bridges
11: pretzel arms
12: Rosalitas
Lap run
FiA Favorites: Each FiA picked their favorite workout and added the # of letters in their FiA name. Then we did cadence in that count.

Cool down stretching, NOR, COT

The Skinny: I couldn’t find any quotes online that resonated with me about this difficult time, so I decided to write my own thoughts out:

New Normal raps on my door
But I resist.
For change brings new things
To learn and fumble and fail.
But alas, New Normal pushes through
And ignores my opposition.
He sits in my chair
And occupies my space.
He refuses to let me sit.
He is crass and loud and obstinate.
But ya know,
He makes a good point
With all his talk of new and different.
Was my old way really that great?
Were my routines really challenging me?
Was the old me really the best me?
New Normal reminds me
I don’t really have a choice anyway.
I have to adapt and change and overcome
Or be forgotten.
So I innovate and create and allow
New Normal to stay a while.

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Backblast 5/20/20

ShopVac Q:

PAX: Gillium, Renegade, Calamity Jean, Vanilla Ice, Athena, Houston, Salty, Doublemint, Shop-Vac

Warmup IC: JJax, Windmills, stretched while the Q Explained the workout

The Thang:
10 pushups
10 Tricep dips
10 squats

Do these 3 sets of exercises and then immediately repeat them for a total of 20 times (pushups, tri dips, squats, pushups, tri dips, squats,….) when you’ve finished the 20 complete sets, run a field lap and then rinse and repeat until time. It wouldn’t be a RAD post without a burpee train in there, so we got in a significant amount of burpees, too! At time, we stretched out our jelly arms and were grateful to be circled up again

Since this was somewhat our “breakout from quarantine workout” I realize that some of us never got the opportunity to quarantine because of our jobs. Some people are still quarantined out of concern for themselves or their family members. And some of us are dipping our toes out into the world again to test the waters and to try and displace some concern and fear that we might have developed through all of this. Wherever we are on our journey, this quote really spoke to me:
“Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. I can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits.”I love thinking of the world before me as abundant! If I look at the world with fear or dread, I will walk in that fear and dread, but if i anticipate that the world is full of abundance for me, I can walk in that assurance and hope! Walk in that hope today, friends, no matter what your yesterday looked like! 

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Backblast 5/5/2020

Bobby (OYO) Q:

Warmup: 30 seconds each 2 rounds
Jumping jacks
High knees
Butt kickers

Workout phase 1: 45 sec. each exercise/ 3 rounds

  1. Overhead presses (use weights)
  2. Burpees
  3. Triceps extensions (use weights)
  4. Chest flys (lay on back, knees bent, arms straight up with weights then lower arms out to side then back up)
  5. Pushups
  6. Bicep curls

Workout phase 2: 45 seconds each, 3 rounds

  1. Jump squats
  2. Alternating lunges
  3. Calf raises
  4. Glute bridges
  5. Speed skates
  6. Toy soldiers

Workout phase 3: 45 seconds each, 3 rounds

  1. Plank
  2. Crunches
  3. Mountain climbers
  4. Flutter kicks
  5. Russian twist with a weight
  6. Bicycle crunches

Cool down and stretch on your own

Because we were created for balance, we feel the difference in our souls when our lives tilt too far off center. This imbalance can show up in our attitude, energy level, in how we interact with people, and in various other ways of our lives. I, personally, feel empty inside. When I realize this is how I am feeling, I take a look at my daily time with Jesus.. if my days are rushed, my day gets thrown off schedule or just life isn’t what I planned…. I often realize that if I sit down and have alone time with Jesus, my life will get back on track…. my emptiness get filled. So I encourage you to stop, sit, and listen to Jesus and let Him give you what you need … whether it be wisdom, joy, strength, peace, or comfort.

Bible verse: Psalm 42:1 “As the deer pants for dreams of water, so my soul pants for you”
(Part of my COT was inspired by a bible study by Joanna Weaver caked “At the feet of Jesus.”