Recent Workouts

Backblast 5/27/20

Proton Q:

PAX: Passport, Jewels, Crush, Margarette, Atlas

The Thang:  One of my favorite workouts is using a deck of cards!

Warm up:  Jumping jacks and potato diggers in cadence

Workout:  We made it all the way through a deck of cards (!!!) and began again before it was time to end the workout. We did at minimum 84 of each exercise (


 – crunches 


 – push-ups 


 – bicycle crunches 


– jumping jacks)

plus “avalanches” for aces where a member of the PAX would begin an exercise, and only when she stopped could the next person stop, and this continued until the end of the circle.

A Proton workout wouldn’t be complete without a burpee train, so we had a medium-sized train this morning to get us REALLY moving.

The skinny: 

Our COT was stressing the importance of community. This is something that is always important, but it’s especially important during our lives along the social distance/quarantine spectrum. I am so thankful for my FiA sisters who encourage health and community.

Jewels’s birthday is tomorrow, so we wished her a happy one, but, at her request, did not sing.

It was a busy but wonderful morning. Thanks for coming out, y’all!