Recent Workouts

Backblast 5/21/20

Vanilla Ice Q:

PAX: Salty, Doublemint, Athena, Shop-Vac

The Thang:

Tabata: 45 seconds on, 15 second rest:
A: 150 ankle biters (each leg counts)
D: 125 donkey kicks (each leg counts)
A: 100 alt shoulder taps (each arm counts)
P: 75 pushups
T: 50 tricep extensions
Lap run
Dice Game: first roll is reps, second roll is the workout:
2: squats
3: jumping jacks
4: push-ups
5: sit-ups
6: imperial walkers
7: high knees
8: hold plank
9: plank jacks
10: glute bridges
11: pretzel arms
12: Rosalitas
Lap run
FiA Favorites: Each FiA picked their favorite workout and added the # of letters in their FiA name. Then we did cadence in that count.

Cool down stretching, NOR, COT

The Skinny: I couldn’t find any quotes online that resonated with me about this difficult time, so I decided to write my own thoughts out:

New Normal raps on my door
But I resist.
For change brings new things
To learn and fumble and fail.
But alas, New Normal pushes through
And ignores my opposition.
He sits in my chair
And occupies my space.
He refuses to let me sit.
He is crass and loud and obstinate.
But ya know,
He makes a good point
With all his talk of new and different.
Was my old way really that great?
Were my routines really challenging me?
Was the old me really the best me?
New Normal reminds me
I don’t really have a choice anyway.
I have to adapt and change and overcome
Or be forgotten.
So I innovate and create and allow
New Normal to stay a while.