Recent Workouts

Backblast 5/28/20

ShopVac Q:

Pax: Vanilla Ice, Athena, Whoopi, Checklist, Dr. Buff, salty, Sgt. Socks, Doublemint, Shop-Vac

Warm-up: high knees in cadence, potato diggers in cadence, windmills in cadence

The thing:
We gathered together to play cards. I shuffle the deck, though controversial according to the packs, and for every card we drew, it determined the workout. The exercises were as follows:
*Aces – run down to the third light pole and back
*Faces – 25 JJax
*Hearts with numbers – flutter kicks: qty-face value in cadence
*Clubs with numbers – flutter kicks: qty-face value + 10
*Diamonds with numbers – Squats: qty-face value
*Spades with numbers – pushups: qty-face value

We’re able to get through one deck and then we were able to partially start a second round before time.

COT: Sometimes just showing up is enough. Sometimes showing up is all we can do. Hopefully we will consider it a victory and not punish ourselves if we feel like showing up is not enough! Today, you are enough. Yesterday, you were enough. Tomorrow, you will be enough!