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Backblast 8/29/19

Vanilla Ice Q:

HIIT Workout
PAX: Whoopi, Sgt. Socks, Rev, Carnival, Magnolia, Dr. Buff, Boston, Athena, Houston, Doublemint, Weaver, Katahdin, Lonestar, Troy, River, FNG Kim (Nutmeg)

Welcome & Disclaimer

Warm-Up: I Love My FiA’s Who…
We all got in a circle with 1 FiA in the middle who would make a statement that was true about themselves and at least 1 other FiA in the circle i.e.: “I love my FiA’s who… have green eyes”. The PAX held a squat while the FiA in the model spoke. Then everyone who that statement applied to would run to find another spot in the circle. The last person to find a spot was “it” next.

The Thang:
We separated into groups of 3 and I handed out HIIT workout cards to each FiA that had 50-10-10-10 reps of certain workouts (i.e: 50 jump rope – 10 push-ups – 10 mountain climbers – 10 tick-tocks). Each person did their card then swapped with a member of their team. We repeated this twice, switching teams after the first round. Then we finished with Sally.

For my COT I had the PAX name off classic books we all read as kids – To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, 1984, etc. I told them to notice that every character in these books faced conflict and learned from it – that’s what made the books interesting and classic all these years later. If there was no problems or conflict in the books, they’d be pretty boring. But when faced with conflict in our own lives we shut down or avoid it. We are the main characters in our own stories. Embrace conflict, change, and obstacles and choose to look at them as plot twists and lessons in the big picture.

This was a very difficult, high intensity workout with few breaks and I wanted the PAX to know that I chose this workout because it was hard. But I knew they could do it because they are all strong women capable of big things!

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Backblast 8/28/19

Perdita Q

Power and Cardio
Round #2

When: 8/28/19, 5:30 am
Where: Founders Park
Who: pax of 6 – Peaches, Passport, Gish, Threat Level, G.I. Jane, Perdita (Q) 

Warm up: 1 lap, including running up and down stairs along the amphitheater of park 

The Thang: FiA draws from deck of cards and does strength exercise to rep while others do cardio until strength reps are completed
2-10 reps, jack – 11, queen- 12, kings – 13, ace – 14 and jokers are 1 lap 
Hearts – strength: push up, cardio – burpees 
Spades – strength: calf raises, cardio- mountain climbers 
Diamonds- strength: in/out squats, cardio- jumping lunges 
Clubs – strength: squat kicks, cardio- plank jacks 
Run lap after each round 
4 rounds total, double reps (4 instead of 2, 24 instead of 12, etc) on the last two rounds. For rounds 2 and 4 we switched to FIA doing cardio exercise while everyone else did the strength exercise until FIA completed cardio exercise.

COT: It was a rainy morning but I was super thankful to have the ladies come out this morning! It was a solid workout but we had fun. I reminded them that we need each other and that we are better together, even though it’s easy to isolate ourselves. FIA is what gets me out of bed in the morning! Rain or shine, it’s an adventure!

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Backblast 8/27/19

Perdita and Carnival CoQ


 and Cardio 


Better togetherPax of 22! 5 FNGs! Whoopi, Etoufeè, River, Crush, Margarette, Geronimo, Funfetti, Sgt Socks, Weaver, Spokes, Doublemint, Athena, Boston, Stirrup, Rev, Nugget, Dr Buff, Houston, Serenity, Troy, Carnival, Perdita.

Intro, disclaimer

Warm up: 1 lap & Stretch

The Thang: 
FiA draws from stack and does strength exercise to rep while others do cardio until strength reps are completed. Reversed the order for the second round. FiA does cardio, others do strength.

Hearts-Strength; Push-ups Cardio; Burpees
Spades-Strength; Calf Raises Cardio; Mtn Climbers
Diamonds- Strength; In & Out Squats Cardio; jumping lunges
Clubs- Strength; Squat Kicks Cardio; Plank Jacks2-10 reps, jack – 11, queen- 12, kings – 13, ace – 14 and jokers are 1 lap (only 1 was drawn)

Run lap after 1 round 
2 rounds total

Cool down and stretch while talking.

Count a Rama, Name a Rama, COT

Tonight we did both power and Cardio. I am reminded of the scripture “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up. But if someone is alone and falls, it’s just too bad, because there is no one to help him. If it is cold, two can sleep together and stay warm, but how can you keep warm by yourself? Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. A rope made of three cords is hard to break.”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:9-12‬ ‭
Even though it’s easier to do things alone sometimes, easier to just do strength, or cardio, we need both. Just like we need each other. We truly are #bettertogether FiAs. 

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Backblast 8/26/29

Atlas Q:

3-2-1 Workout
Date: Monday, August 26th 5:30am
PAX: Passport, Trailblazer, Margarette, Peaches, Gish, Diego, Blossom, Salty, Proton, Atlas

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Workout at your own risk and modify exercises as necessary.
Warm-up: Counting in cadence to 10 for each of the following: high knees, jumping jacks, potato diggers. PAX stretched while Atlas explained the workouts.

The Thang: For this 3-2-1 workout PAX did 3 sets of exercises, running laps in between sets. The first set worked the legs with 30 squats, 20 lunges (each leg), and 10 calf raises. After a lap around the Farmers Market the second set worked arms with 30 tricep dips on the wall, 20 push-ups, and 10 pretzel arms. Another lap led to our 3rd set for an ab workout. We did 30 plank jacks, 20 flutter kicks, and 10 sit-ups. PAX did a rinse and repeat starting back at set 1 until time was up.

Cool Down: PAX held squats until everyone finished their last set.
The Skinny: The COT was a simple one. “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” This quote is what FiA means to me. We are a group of women who support each other and encourage each other without judgement. Thank you, FiA, for being a welcoming place for so many.

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Backblast 8/22/19

Q: Salty

PAX of 19 joined us tonight. Troy, River, Lonestar, FNG Olaf (Jessica), Carnival, Boston, Athena, Kiawah, Flipper, Crossbow, FNG 2.0 Stirrup (Kaitlyn), Serenity, ShopVac, Sgt Socks, Houston, Double Mint, FNG Layout (Abbey), Dr. Buff

Introduction and instructions for the QWarm ups in cadence 
Leg stretches
Potato diggers
Arm stretches 
High knees 
Butt kicks

Workout was in partners. One partner would run down the field while the other was doing an exercise. Then they would switch. The list of exercises was as follows:
Bicycle crunches
Flutter kicks
Mountain climbers
Side lunges
Peter Parker’s 
RosalitasUpper body circuit 
20 reps each 
Tricep extensions
Lateral arm raises

Good stretches for cool down

COT – 2 year FIAversary – thank you ladies for being a part of the group. Leading the workout is not my comfort zone but I do it because it’s the right thing to do. I encourage you to do the same.

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Happy Birthday BackBlast

? FiA NETN is turning TWO! ?
And we’re celebrating ALL week long before our official FiA-versary celebration on August 24th

PAX of 24 showed up for Boston’s last Q before she moved back to Boston. ? Boston has served on our leadership team this past year as an AOQ for our night workout sessions (Rosies After Dark) & we are going to miss her (& her awesome Q’s) terribly!

Afterwards PAX of 20 conquered 4 hours of team building & ropes course obstacles ???? Proving once again that we FiA sisters are truly #bettertogether and there is absolutely #NOwomanleftbehind!

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1 Year Anniversary Q 8/13/19

Q: Shop-vac

So 18 FiAs showed up to celebrate my 1-year Fiaversary and walked up to the field that had a plethora of cinder blocks prepared for a night of competition, sweat, and fun.

10 Jumping Jax
10 Windmills
Stretched hamstrings

We split our group up into two teams and each team took 2 blocks up to Tombstone hill. At the hill, each team sent 4 women to the top while the other 5 women remained at the bottom with the two blocks. When everyone was in position, two team members each took a block and ‘ran’ to the top of the hill while the rest of the PAX were holding a squat. When they got to the top of the hill, they passed the blocks to two of their teammates who ‘ran’ back down the hill. This pattern continued until everyone had run up and down the hill with a block and returned to their original starting position, meaning each PAX ran up and down the hill once. The team who completed this task first was declared the ‘winner’ and chose whether they would do 10 burpees or 10 pushups and the other team would do the unchosen one – and OF COURSE the winning team chose pushups. We mixed the teams up and repeated this race and burpee/pushup finale.

We then moved back to the field where the PAX split into two teams, again. Here, each team’s PAX member took a block and lined them up end to end in the direction of the short field side – making two block lines with a small amount of space between each. Each PAX member hovered over each block and when “go” was said, each pax member held plank on top of her block while the last person picked up her block, ran to the front of the line, put it in line with the rest of the team, repositioned to plank and declared the team name, signaling the last person down the line to pick up her block, run and place it in line with the others. This sort of ‘leap frog’ idea was done at high speed all the way across the field and back, all while the PAX member that was not moving was holding plank the entire time.

In perfect and appropriate Shop-Vac fashion, the moment the PAX made it across the field and back, a burpee train came. I definitely think it was the LONGEST. BURPEE. TRAIN. EVER.

Right after the burpee train FINALLY finished, everyone got a drink of water, and took a breath, time was up. What a great workout and what fun!


Life is hard. This workout totally reminded me of a real-life perspective on life. There are times when you’ve been holding a proverbial squat FOREVER and someone runs up to you, puts a cinderblock of burdens in your arms and tells you to then take that block up some crazy hill – and do it FAST! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and either way, you have to do pushups or burpees after you survive the hill and then you have to go and do some other insane race holding plank and, again, just when you finish, there sometimes is a train that is there to mow you over. HOWEVER – if we are surrounded by people that support us, encouraged by those who will cheer us on and tell us to finish strong, those who believe in us to be on our team, we won’t ‘die’. We will be sore, tired, sweaty, and pushed to our limit. But, indeed, we will finish, be stronger than ever and we will succeed!

Rise up, friends! Don’t let life push you down. Reach out to those around you. Engage your tribe to cheer you on. Hold on to faith! You can make it! You are strong! Look at what you accomplished tonight and be proud! I’m honored to be a FiA and to be surrounded by you all! Thanks for a great year – here’s to many more!!!

<3 Shop-vac

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Backblast 8/12/19

Q: Proton

Disclaimer:  I stated that I was not a professional and that PAX should exercise at their own risk.  I invited them to modify anything if they needed to.

Warmup:  To get our blood flowing,  we did 25 jumping jacks, arm circles from small to large, and 10 squats.

The thang:  We did fat-burning stations – cardio (jumping jacks, butt kickers, jump squats, burpees); legs/booty (donkey kicks, sumo squats); arms (chest press, overhead extensions, squat press, bicep curls, goblet squats); and abs (flutter kicks, sit ups, bicycle crunches).  PAX ran or skipped a half-lap through our pavilion in between stations, depending on what the station  sign said to do.

COT:  I spoke of limits.  We have no limits; we simply reach plateaus.  (I found a quote that said this.)  We spoke of reaching plateaus in many areas, including fitness, but using each other, our FiA sisters, to help push past those plateaus and achieve new heights.  Don’t let a plateau bring you down!

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Our two-year FiAversary is coming up on August 24.  We will have a tailgate coffeteria following the workout, so make sure you join us!

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Back to School 8/4/19

Q: Salty

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional. Do this workout at your own risk and modify as needed.

WARM-UP: We did jumping jacks and forward/backward arm circles in cadence to 5. PAX did high knees and stretching as Q explained the workout.

THE THANG: Since I’m a teacher and we go back to school this week, I planned a Back to School workout. For spelling, I had a list of exercises for every letter of the alphabet. PAX had to spell their FiA name with 24 reps of each letter because this is my 24th year of teaching. Our two FNGs spelled their first names. Since some names are longer than others those that finished first went on do 5 reps (I teach 5th grade) of the vowels, A,E,I,O,U, and Y. Then we did squats until the last one finished. After the spelling lesson we went on to math. This consisted of a roll of the dice. Everyone rolled once and we did whatever came up on the dice. We did a few 1 minute wall sits, several Russian twists, bicycle crunches and burpees. Then came the burpee train. We did more burpees until the train passed. After everyone had their turn to roll the dice we had just enough time to do “Sally” with more squats.

THE SKINNY: To expand on the Back to School theme my COT was something that I plan to share with my students on the first day. Any time we start something new, whether it is an exercise routine, a new job, being a new mom, moving to a new place, or anything else, we can often get negative thoughts in our head. We tell ourselves things like “I can’t do it”,  “I don’t get it”, “This doesn’t work”, or my own thought, “I’m not a runner”. If we find ourselves saying those things we need to take a deep breath, step back and add one word to the end of that sentence. “I can’t do it yet”, “I don’t get it yet”, “This doesn’t work yet”, “I’m not a runner yet”. We may not get it tomorrow or even next month, but if we have the mindset of YET, we are much more likely to make it happen. It may not be easy, but it doesn’t mean you’re never going to meet the challenge.