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1 Year Anniversary Q 8/13/19

Q: Shop-vac

So 18 FiAs showed up to celebrate my 1-year Fiaversary and walked up to the field that had a plethora of cinder blocks prepared for a night of competition, sweat, and fun.

10 Jumping Jax
10 Windmills
Stretched hamstrings

We split our group up into two teams and each team took 2 blocks up to Tombstone hill. At the hill, each team sent 4 women to the top while the other 5 women remained at the bottom with the two blocks. When everyone was in position, two team members each took a block and ‘ran’ to the top of the hill while the rest of the PAX were holding a squat. When they got to the top of the hill, they passed the blocks to two of their teammates who ‘ran’ back down the hill. This pattern continued until everyone had run up and down the hill with a block and returned to their original starting position, meaning each PAX ran up and down the hill once. The team who completed this task first was declared the ‘winner’ and chose whether they would do 10 burpees or 10 pushups and the other team would do the unchosen one – and OF COURSE the winning team chose pushups. We mixed the teams up and repeated this race and burpee/pushup finale.

We then moved back to the field where the PAX split into two teams, again. Here, each team’s PAX member took a block and lined them up end to end in the direction of the short field side – making two block lines with a small amount of space between each. Each PAX member hovered over each block and when “go” was said, each pax member held plank on top of her block while the last person picked up her block, ran to the front of the line, put it in line with the rest of the team, repositioned to plank and declared the team name, signaling the last person down the line to pick up her block, run and place it in line with the others. This sort of ‘leap frog’ idea was done at high speed all the way across the field and back, all while the PAX member that was not moving was holding plank the entire time.

In perfect and appropriate Shop-Vac fashion, the moment the PAX made it across the field and back, a burpee train came. I definitely think it was the LONGEST. BURPEE. TRAIN. EVER.

Right after the burpee train FINALLY finished, everyone got a drink of water, and took a breath, time was up. What a great workout and what fun!


Life is hard. This workout totally reminded me of a real-life perspective on life. There are times when you’ve been holding a proverbial squat FOREVER and someone runs up to you, puts a cinderblock of burdens in your arms and tells you to then take that block up some crazy hill – and do it FAST! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and either way, you have to do pushups or burpees after you survive the hill and then you have to go and do some other insane race holding plank and, again, just when you finish, there sometimes is a train that is there to mow you over. HOWEVER – if we are surrounded by people that support us, encouraged by those who will cheer us on and tell us to finish strong, those who believe in us to be on our team, we won’t ‘die’. We will be sore, tired, sweaty, and pushed to our limit. But, indeed, we will finish, be stronger than ever and we will succeed!

Rise up, friends! Don’t let life push you down. Reach out to those around you. Engage your tribe to cheer you on. Hold on to faith! You can make it! You are strong! Look at what you accomplished tonight and be proud! I’m honored to be a FiA and to be surrounded by you all! Thanks for a great year – here’s to many more!!!

<3 Shop-vac