Recent Workouts

Backblast 8/12/19

Q: Proton

Disclaimer:  I stated that I was not a professional and that PAX should exercise at their own risk.  I invited them to modify anything if they needed to.

Warmup:  To get our blood flowing,  we did 25 jumping jacks, arm circles from small to large, and 10 squats.

The thang:  We did fat-burning stations – cardio (jumping jacks, butt kickers, jump squats, burpees); legs/booty (donkey kicks, sumo squats); arms (chest press, overhead extensions, squat press, bicep curls, goblet squats); and abs (flutter kicks, sit ups, bicycle crunches).  PAX ran or skipped a half-lap through our pavilion in between stations, depending on what the station  sign said to do.

COT:  I spoke of limits.  We have no limits; we simply reach plateaus.  (I found a quote that said this.)  We spoke of reaching plateaus in many areas, including fitness, but using each other, our FiA sisters, to help push past those plateaus and achieve new heights.  Don’t let a plateau bring you down!

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Our two-year FiAversary is coming up on August 24.  We will have a tailgate coffeteria following the workout, so make sure you join us!