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Backblast 8/26/29

Atlas Q:

3-2-1 Workout
Date: Monday, August 26th 5:30am
PAX: Passport, Trailblazer, Margarette, Peaches, Gish, Diego, Blossom, Salty, Proton, Atlas

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Workout at your own risk and modify exercises as necessary.
Warm-up: Counting in cadence to 10 for each of the following: high knees, jumping jacks, potato diggers. PAX stretched while Atlas explained the workouts.

The Thang: For this 3-2-1 workout PAX did 3 sets of exercises, running laps in between sets. The first set worked the legs with 30 squats, 20 lunges (each leg), and 10 calf raises. After a lap around the Farmers Market the second set worked arms with 30 tricep dips on the wall, 20 push-ups, and 10 pretzel arms. Another lap led to our 3rd set for an ab workout. We did 30 plank jacks, 20 flutter kicks, and 10 sit-ups. PAX did a rinse and repeat starting back at set 1 until time was up.

Cool Down: PAX held squats until everyone finished their last set.
The Skinny: The COT was a simple one. “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” This quote is what FiA means to me. We are a group of women who support each other and encourage each other without judgement. Thank you, FiA, for being a welcoming place for so many.