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Backblast 8/29/19

Vanilla Ice Q:

HIIT Workout
PAX: Whoopi, Sgt. Socks, Rev, Carnival, Magnolia, Dr. Buff, Boston, Athena, Houston, Doublemint, Weaver, Katahdin, Lonestar, Troy, River, FNG Kim (Nutmeg)

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Warm-Up: I Love My FiA’s Who…
We all got in a circle with 1 FiA in the middle who would make a statement that was true about themselves and at least 1 other FiA in the circle i.e.: “I love my FiA’s who… have green eyes”. The PAX held a squat while the FiA in the model spoke. Then everyone who that statement applied to would run to find another spot in the circle. The last person to find a spot was “it” next.

The Thang:
We separated into groups of 3 and I handed out HIIT workout cards to each FiA that had 50-10-10-10 reps of certain workouts (i.e: 50 jump rope – 10 push-ups – 10 mountain climbers – 10 tick-tocks). Each person did their card then swapped with a member of their team. We repeated this twice, switching teams after the first round. Then we finished with Sally.

For my COT I had the PAX name off classic books we all read as kids – To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, 1984, etc. I told them to notice that every character in these books faced conflict and learned from it – that’s what made the books interesting and classic all these years later. If there was no problems or conflict in the books, they’d be pretty boring. But when faced with conflict in our own lives we shut down or avoid it. We are the main characters in our own stories. Embrace conflict, change, and obstacles and choose to look at them as plot twists and lessons in the big picture.

This was a very difficult, high intensity workout with few breaks and I wanted the PAX to know that I chose this workout because it was hard. But I knew they could do it because they are all strong women capable of big things!