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Q: Firecracker

Friday, October 29, 2021

AO: Etta’s Nest

Pax:  Doublemint, Boots, Katniss

The THANG:  exercises to spell out Pumpkin Party for Halloween

See pic below

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. Examples:  if you want to get in shape, choose to getup and work out vs staying in bed. If your goal is to lose weight, do you really want that candy bar?Focus on your goals.

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All Out Pumpkin Workout (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Ariel, Rousey Red, Cheetah, Lil Hope, Malibu


WarmUp: walk a lap holding your pumpkin or weights, 2x through Pamela Pupkin’s song

The THANG: see picture

COT: Happy 1 YEAR Anniversary Month to FiA Dolly’s Nook!! I am thankful I can just be me with you all.To the ones who are vulnerable,To the ones who share the truth,To the ones who crack open their hearts and let us see,To the ones who don’t pretend,To the ones who are real and honest,To the ones who aren’t afraid to show their messes (or maybe they are, but the still do it anyway),To the ones who let us in, like really let us in,
Thank you.
You inspire us, and you pave the way for us to live that way too.
You give us courage to be authentically ourselves.
You teach us to be comfortable in our own skin.
You help us KNOW that we are okay, even when we’re messy and broken.
You make our hearts feel like we’re home when we’re with you.
You help us exhale and know we’re in this together.
Your bravery makes us brave.

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Q: Salty

AO Ettas Nest

PAX: DoubleMint, Firecracker, and Jewels

Warm up: High knees, arm circles and stretching

The Thang:

Two Halloween buckets half way down the parking lot.
One had abs only exercises and the other had misc exercises.
One person ran down and grabbed an exercise and then ran back to the group.

Everyone would do 31 reps (because Halloween is on the 31st) of the exercise.
They finished the misc bucket and then went on to the abs only bucket.

Cool down: walk a lap around the parking lot

COT- focus on your blessings

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Thunder and Lightning (JC)

Q: Msafiri

AO: Riveter Station – WAR

PAX: Gish, SheHulk, Peppermint Patty, Acadia, Sourdough, Katniss

Warm up: CHACHA slide plank challenge

The Thang: back to the basics with a Thunder & Lightning first time Q’ing
Exercise then 10 burpees in between with over head pressCOT: Don’t strive for perfection but progression. Workout doesn’t have to be perfect or all new things. Go back to the basics and do what you know. After 4 years in FiA this month was my first time doing a Thunder and Lightning when GI Jane Q’d it even though it’s an OG to FiA. I loved it and it pushed me. So I wanted to Q it especially after coming off of a long week traveling to two different states and in airports for 4 days. I’m my biggest critic and drive. It was okay to go back to the basics and do something we all knew. It was okay to just show up. It was okay to not have any new exercises from the Lexicon. It was okay to choose good over pushing myself not enjoying the process and striving for perfection.

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Q-School (JBO)

Q: Summit (Fitness Q)

Friday, October 22, 2021

AO Etta’s Nest

PAX: Katniss, Boots, Sourdough, Jewels, Doublemint, Salty, Zinny, Gish

The Skinny: We had a great turn out for our third Q school.  Doublemint even brought breakfast and coffee since Etta’s Nest Q sheet is full for the rest of the year!!

The thang:
I led Q School 102. I started with a warm up IC: imperial walkers, high knees, jumping jacks, followed by 1 minute each of squats, forward lunge R & L, and squats again; during those 4 minutes I reviewed the important pieces of starting a Q and basic principles of Fia.

Then we proceeded to split into 2 groups, each group had 5 minutes to plan a 10 min workout which included a warm up, thang, and ab circle.
We then completed each group’s Q, followed by a review/critique. 

We finished with static stretching while I reviewing final pointers about Qing including importance of preblast/back blast, announcements, FNGs, etc.


COT: Qing is easier than you think. you can plan a fantastic workout in 5 minutes (you did it today!) and I can’t wait to see some new women step out of their comfort zone to Q! Better together!

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Don’t “Ground” the Ruck (JC)

Q: Peaches

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Boots, CallaLilly, Sourdough, Acadia, Gish

Warm up: jumping jacks, butt kickers, windmills in cadence. Mosey to the steps at Founders.

Don’t “ground” the ruck!
42nd :tada:Birthday Q :tada:

In an official Rucking event, PAX are not allowed to let their ruck touch the ground unless the cadre in charge allows them to do so (which is rare).In that spirit, this workout is to be done without your ruck ever being placed on the ground, but rather always on your back or in-hand depending upon the exercise.

Set 1:
30 squats
12 push ups6 laps on the steps

Set 2:
30 flutter kicks (holding weighted ruck overhead)
12 big girl sit-ups (holding ruck overhead)6 laps of stairs

Set 3
30 glute bridges (holding ruck overhead)
12 chest presses with the ruck6 laps of stairsRinse & repeat.1 minute timed plank with rucks on our backs to close. :school_satchel:

COT: My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary is next month. My brother, SIL, & I have been planning a celebration for them for about 6 mos. Up until last week, my mother communicated that she just wanted a “drop in” thing at the fellowship hall of their church.
However, last week she began to ask us about the catering & wait staff & vowel renewals & the wedding cake & all kinds of things that had never been communicated to us at all :flushed:
Sooooo……. I’m having to remind myself to set boundaries. What we are planning is nice, but appears that it will not meet her current expectations. I’m having to remind myself that I’m only responsible for myself & not others. She will have the choice whether to be grateful for the celebration we have planned or be disappointed in her unrealistic expectations, but that choice won’t be mine to make.
Boundaries can be tough to figure out – especially when it involves family – but they are necessary. We need to take ownership of ourselves, our own actions, attitudes, & responses. But we shouldn’t do that for others. And once we’ve set boundaries, we should try to adhere to them. Otherwise we find ourselves hurt & resentful, which ultimately will ruin the relationships we are trying to protect. 

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Q: DoubleMint

AO: Etta’s Nest

PAX: Salty, Firecracker, Dash, Jewels, Sgt Socks


Warm-up:  Jumping jacks, little baby arm circles and potato diggers in cadence.

The Thang: See pic below.
Stretched for two minutes after workout.

COT:   Our children and others are watching everything that we do and say. Let’s give them something good to copy.

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3 Sequence Workout (JC)

Q: Peppermint Patty

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Katniss, Callalilly


The Thang:

See attached picture and note we did 1:45 of each exercise rather than 2 minutes (for sake of time)

COT: Believe in yourself. You are stronger, smarter and more determined than you think.  When you feel overwhelmed, take a breath, collect yourself and  figure it out.

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20-10 Tabata Twos-day (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Cheetah, Gaines, Malibu, Ariel


Tabata TWOSday-

2 different Tabatas
& roll the dice in between.

Warm Up: Arm Circles, Potato Diggers, Dice around corcle, jog 1 lap

20-10 Tabata 20 Sec work/10 sec break

Jumping Jacks•Plank Jacks
Alt Rev Lunges•Side Lunges
-1min each Isometric: Plank elbows•Wall Sits
Squat•Jump Squat
Push Ups•Up/Down Plank
-1 min Isometric: R Side Plank•L Side Plank
Mt Climbers•Burpees
Bicycle Crunches•LBCs
-1min Isometric: Boat Pose•Plank on HandsDice around the circle

TOTAL Body Tabata 20/10 also

Chest Press•FLY
Squat•Calf Raises
Shoulder Press•Lat Raise
Deadlift•Russian Twists
Tricep Ext•Curls


I was walking into the Target bathroom to wash my hands this afternoon right as this woman was walking out. I guess I must have stared at her a little or something as we passed each other because she looked at me puzzled, so I just said “I’m so sorry. You just have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. It is gorgeous. You are stunning.”And then she goes “oh that’s so funny. I was thinking the exact same thing about you. I love yours.”And then, I kid you not, a woman from one of the stalls shouted “I’m here for this kind of support!!!!”So anyways…women are absolutely amazing. I refuse to listen to anything else. More of this please.

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B.A.B.E workout (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Gaines, Belle, Malibu, Rousey Red

Warm up: Arm Circles forward and backward, hillbilly walkers, potato diggers in cadence, windmiles

The Thang: in honor of National Nice/do something nice for someone Day…we did a nice BABE workout (see pic)

Cooldown: on own w/COT

COT: Be careful what you say to people.Be careful what you say about people.Be careful what you say around people.Be careful how you spill the tea.Yeah, you can clean it up, but tea still tends to stain.Words have a way of sticking with people. Those stings don’t go away with Hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl. There isn’t an easy trip to the doctor’s office that can patch it up. Those stings can take up space in their heart and minds for years and years and years, and it can ruin an otherwise perfectly healthy relationship.You can apologize. You can lie about what you said. You can try to smooth things over. You can cover it up with a cute, little checkered tablecloth from Target, but…tea still stains.
We’ve gotta remember that before we speak, before we criticize, before we gossip.
Tea stains and words sting.