Recent Workouts

Backblast 7/20/20

Margarette Q:

Pax: Crush, Tinker
Disclaimer: I am not a professional, workout at your own risk and modify as necessary
Warm up: stretch, potato diggers in cadence and a lap around farmers market
(Do 5 reps of each exercise, run a lap, do 10 reps of each exercise, run a lap…)

Push ups
Lt Dans

Run a lap after each round

Finish with abs, 10 reps of each: reverse crunches, leg lifts, Russian twists, sit-ups, side leg lifts

CoT- I wanted to share a bit of our sermon from yesterday. We are in a “Summer at the movies” and our movie topic yesterday was Frozen 2. We used this movie to discuss Jonah. Just like Jonah (and Elsa), we can sometimes ignore our calling whether that be to talk to a stranger, take a new job or move across the country. Each of us has these “Ninevah Calls” like Jonah did and are encouraged to follow God into the unknown.