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Backblast 7/18/20

Bindi Q:

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional and FIA is not liable for any injuries we workout & have fun at our own risk.Warm up: Jog field lap/ 1 min stretch

Workout: Tabata style 45 seconds each/15 break after each set 1 minute break

Tabata/ HIIT.    45/15 seconds,
1 minute break between 5 exercise set
Walk Out w/Push up
Jump n Jacks
Heisman (shuffle to the side 1-2-3 then a Heisman pose/twist inside leg to outside elbow)
——–1 min break——-
Squats w/ alt Leg Raise
Jump Lunge or lunge back with rear straight leg raise
Chair Squats w/weight straight arm lift on squat
Fire Hydrant Donkey Kicks Right
Fire Hydrant Donkey Kicks Left
Pretzel Arms
Tricep Extensions
Skull Crushers
Shoulder or Chest Flys
Plank w/ Alt Leg Lift
Flutter Kicks
Cheerleader Sit Ups
Superman Plank (knee bent hip flex to same side elbow or PeterParkers
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C.O.T: Don’t give up on yourself! You are your own BEST competition, Work for your goals and believe that you can achieve them. This world is crazy right now but you are stronger than you know.