Backblast 3/14/20

Margarette Q:

Tour de JC
Pax: Salty, Threat Level, Doublemint, Tonks (FNG)

Warm up in cadence:
Potato diggers
Arm circles
High knees Tour de JC (mural edition)
Founders to “Welcome to JC” mural
10 shoulders tapsTo gardening store mural
1 min wall sitGardening store to Nelson fine art
10 tricep pushups Nelson to Train Mural near Capone’s
10 squats Train mural to Atlantic Ale House nature mural
10 Pushups Atlantic to skillville
10 (each side) side leg lifts Skillville to Blue Plum mural
10 (each side) pretzel arms

Back to founders, finish with Sally and 10 ab AMRAP:
30 sec plank
10 hillbillies
10 side bends
10 windmills

CoT: Whether you are or aren’t fearful/anxious about corona virus, we all have times in our life that we are afraid. When I’m afraid, I cling to this Bible verse from 2 Timothy- “for God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and a sound mind.” I want to encourage each of you to find something to cling to, whether that be a verse, a quote, a daily habit, that helps you overcome fear.