Recent Workouts

Backblast 3/16/20

Gish Q:

PAX: Msfiri, Derby, F-Stop, Sandals, Salty, Atlas, Margarette, Gish (plus Leapfrog!)

Equipment: mat, dumbbells

The Thang:

Warmup: in cadence
Jumping Jacks
Quick feet
Shuffle Taps
Arm circles
High knees in-and-out

Tabata: (work 30, rest 10)x each exercise, 3xcircuit, rest 30 before next circuit

Upper Body Circuit:
Downdog Push-up
overhead press
chest press
Upright Row
tricep extensions

Lower Body Circuit:
Wide Romanian deadlift
Glute bridges
Sumo squat
High Step ups right
High step ups left

Core circuit:
Raggity Ann
Hip Dips right
Hip dips left
Reverse plank

COT: During this period of a bit more social distance, some people are coping very well while others are really struggling for many different reasons. We are supposed to be staying away from one another as much as possible, but most of us still have to work and/or go to school, and it’s so difficult to cancel fun plans when we aren’t personally facing illness. It’s even more important to support one another, emotionally, during this time because of all the different levels of stress and anxiety we are all facing.