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16 days til Christmas Circuits (JBO)

Q: Bindi

Wednesday December 9th
PAX: Salty, Doublemint, Zinny, Splits

The thang: 16 days til Christmas circuit, 16 right side counts unless stated otherwise.

Station 1: mat, abs
Flutter Kicks
Peter Parkers
Elbow Plank Hip Dips
Cheerleader sit ups
** duck walk to station 2

Station 2: booty
Curtsy Lunge (16 total)
Rear Leg Lift (16 each leg)
Side leg Lift (16 each leg)
**Walk Lunge to station 3

Station 3: arms w/weights
Side raise + with arms
Hammer Curl to Overhead Press
Bent over Row or chair squat
Bent forward Kickback Arms
** Right leg squat walk to station 4

Station 4: cardio
High Knees
Jump n Jacks
Sumo Squat w/ Alt Side Lunge (new! Ouch for ALL!!)
Jump or toe Squats
**Left leg Squat walk to station 5

Station 5: mat, booty
Fire Hydrant (16 each side)
Donkey Kick (16 each side)
Elbow plank w/ alternating leg lift
** Bear Crawl to station 6

Station 6: standing abs
Hillbilly Walkers (16 RSC)
Empirial Walkers (16 RSC)
Sumo Squat with side crunch elbow to knee (16 total)
Warrior 3 pose  balance 8 seconds on each side
**crab walk to station 7

Station 7: weights
Tricep Extensions
Ax Choppers (8 on each side)
Tick Tocks (RSC)
**Skip or Jog to station 8

Station 8: cardio
Jump Rope 16
Criss Cross jumps cross punch each side (16 total)
Karate Kid Jack- Jack, Jack, break imaginary board on each leg  (16 total)
Run/Jog to island & back
**walk to circle/COT

COT: most of us are mommas… do all the things, make every memory. My son 14 came to say goodnight (we did the silly elf on the shelf and his sidekick reindeer for a few years, we didn’t last year he is just a decoration now) well my son asked me to do the things, even if its just hiding him:two_hearts: this year with everything going on our kiddos need all the normal, all the joy, all the memories we can give them, no matter their age! Have fun with your kiddos!