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Christmas movie trivia! (JBO)

Q: Salty

Dec 11, 2020
AO: Ettas Nest
PAX: Jewels, splits, firecracker, numbers, DoubleMint, Lucy, bindi

Warmup: in cadence – jumping Jacks, high knees, arm stretch, leg stretch

split into teams! It’s a competition.

Team 1 reads off their Christmas movie line. If they figure out which movie the quote is from, they get to choose which exercise we will all do. If they choose to pass they can. If the other team gets it they get to choose the exercise. If team 2 gets it right, after the pass, team 1 has to do 10 burpees. If they get it wrong they run to the island and back. The team with the most points at the end will choose if we do Ring of Fire or Sally.

COT: share about Ben Bright suddenly passing away. Hug your people and love them well. Bless this family if you can!

Firecracker shares that her husband had a stroke this week. He’s in rehab now but needs a lot of prayer.
End in prayer.