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Elf Bootcamp (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dolly’s Nook – Centennial Park
Pax: Wonder Woman, Mud Pieย 


Welcome to Elf Bootcamp

Warm up:
making snowballs (potato diggers) 10 in cadence
Chocolate covered Pretzels (Pretzel arms) 10 in cadence
Snow Shooing (slow high knees) 10 RSC
Dashing thru the Snow (run a lap)

10 Sleigh Pullers (Bent over Row to Kickback)
15 “I love you”s (Burpees)
20 Reindeer Crushers (push ups)
25 “Have you seen these toilets?” (Tricep dips)
30 Angel in the Snow Standing (Jacks)

10 I like ALL the food! (Sumo squat to Right Lunge to Sumo Squat to Left Lunge) RSC
15 Santa Climbing the Chimney (Peter Parkers) RSC
20 Santa Clause is Coming to Town (Lunge w/rear leg lift) ES
25 I’m so Excited!! (Calf Raise w/ Straight arm, Finger sprinkles)
30 Buddy Hugs (Squat to light jump in hug self w/arms)
35 Santa grabbing gifts (deadlift to weighted squat)

10 Santa Belly Work (Side Plank Ups) ES
15 Reindeer Upside Downs (Bridge, opposite hand to opposite foot)
20 Santa Train Conductors (Side Plank bend elbow to knee ups) ES
25 Buddy’s Tricycle (Siting Bicycle Crunches) RSC
30 Hide the gifts! Kids are Coming! (Russian Twists) RSC

Cool down: YOGA
Runners lung to triangle pose
Side plank hold
Tree pose
Warrior 3
Bird Dog to Cat/Cow
Downward to Upward Dog

COT: Spend time with each kiddo separately. Games and family fun chatter. Somehow toot talk was mixed in bc I ate pizza :flushed: and we all 3 are boy mom so farts are cool :woman-shrugging::skin-tone-4::woman-facepalming::skin-tone-4:

I’d like to add spend time with parents if you can- everyone is in an odd place right now, be kind!