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4 Stations (JBO)

Q: Splits

12/16/2020 Ettas Nest
Q: Splits
PAX: Firecracker, Numbers, Jewels, Salty, Zinny

Warm up:

Potatoe diggers
High Knees
Big arm circles


4 stations across the parking lot
Arms, legs, core, and cardio/butt
With a bridge lap in between each station

Cool Down:

Static arm stretches
Runners lunge
Calf stretch

COT: Being Grateful- with all the struggles and hard times of this year. We all have had wonderful times and wonderful moments of this year. I was laid off, found a terrible job that I dreaded, but God had a plan and put me in a position of the field I had been working towards. I gained a greater love and appreciation for my husband. And so much more. So I encourage you on your drive home to count your blessings of this year. Because God has done some amazing things if we take the time to notice them.