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12 Days of Christmas (JC)

Q: Remi

AO: Riveter Station

PAX: Crush, F-Stop, CallaLillyDisclaimerWarm Up: stretching arms and legs for 10 count 

The Thang:
12 Days of Christmas Workout
1 Burpee
2 Squat Jumps
3 Leg Lifts
4 Mountain Climbers
5 Bicycle Crunches
6 Jumping Jacks
7 Russian Twists
8 Push-ups
9 Bicep Curls
10 Glute Bridges
11 Calf Raises
12 High Knees

Move through the 12 days of Christmas by doing the first move, then move 2 + move 1, then move 3, move 2, + move 1, etc. until you have done all 12 moves! Once finished counting up, count back down as time allows. (We got to 7 or 8 on the way back down)

COT: Just be kind and intentional with people around the holidays, especially the COVID version of the holidays. Crush brought up that no one has the right answers, we’re all just trying to make the best of what we have right now.