Recent Workouts

Tour de Dolly’s (Kgspt)

Q: Mud Pie

December 1st 2020
AO: Kingsport
PAX: Bindi, Wonder Woman, Gaines, Ariel

Moving Q- Starting at Centennial Park

The Thang:

Run to First Tennessee Bank Parking Lot
          Superset 2x:
              20 shoulder taps (in handstand or in plank)
              20 walking lunges
Run to Library Stair Area
          Superset 2x:
               20 heal raises
               10 push ups
Run to Parking Garage Top Level
          Superset 2x:
               20 squat-side step- kick
               20 walking planks
Run back to Circle
          Superset 2x:
               10 jump ups (modification: step ups)
               20 dips