Recent Workouts

Backblast 11/7/19

Salty Q:

Would you rather?
With RAD ladies.


Warm up with these in cadence
Potato diggers
Arm stretch 2x
Leg stretch 2x
Lap around the field

The Thang: it was an awful rain! We went around the circle and drew a card. Each card had a “would you rather question”. You would read the card pick your answer. Your answer also chose the exercises each time. We continued to do this the entire time.

The Skinny- COT: questions! Ask hard questions! I can’t tell you how many times I have kept quiet for fear of looking stupid – in silly things and even more serious things. Take the time and mental energy it takes to get answers to your questions. Ask them. Be brave and listen.

PAX of 10 included Q Salty, Sgt Socks, ShopVac, Houston, Sobe, Bobby, Heartland, 2.0 Princess Sparkles, Breezy, and Hot Rocks.