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Backblast 11/18/19

Passport Q:

“A change is as good as a rest”

Pax: passport, gish, atlas, salty.
Jumping jacks, potato diggers, lunges, step ups on wall, side steps on wall.
Workout: with weights
 1. Squats x 10
 2. Step ups onto wall x 10
    3.    Rest or sit-ups x2  (Repeat 1,2,3)
    4.    Pistol squat x 10, or sit and stand,each side
    5.    Single leg deadlift, alternate legs x 20
    6.    Rest or 20 V-ups.   (repeat 4,5,6)
    7.    Squat, lunge, squat, alternate x 20
    8.    Side steps onto wall (same as in warmup) x 10 each side.  
    9.    Rest or Russian twists x 20.     (Repeat 7,8,9)
    10.    Stuff legged deadlift x 10
    11.    Clean and press x 10 (repeat 7 & 8).
    12.    Rest or rotate side planks x 20.    (Repeat 10,11,12)

COT: explanation of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and how body repairs your muscles to be stronger. Muscle soreness is good, it means you are moving forward in your fitness journey!