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Backblast 11/26/20 (JC)

Q: Summit

November 26, 2020 Thanksgiving Day
AO Riveter Station
Pax: Peaches, Bindi, F Stop, Goldie, Calamity Jean, Mango, Gish, Elsa, FNG Zen
Warm up: 30 secs of gentle movements: heel taps, torso twists, walking high knees, hip circles

The thang: Turkey Trot This or That- Q reads off the following selections and pax make their choice and complete 20 of the exercise (right side counts). Pax hold a squat until all are finished before moving onto the next choice. Halfway through and at the end of 2nd set pax run or walk 2 laps.
Wake up early vs. sleep in
High knees- dying cockroach

Travel vs stay home
Shuffle tap- windmills

Macy’s vs Disney parade
Donkey kicks- fire hydrant

Tea vs wine
Carolina dry dock- Zebra

Light meat vs dark meat
Lunges- squats2 laps

Mashed vs sweet potatoes
Windshield wiper- rosalita

Green beans vs peas
Ankle biters- bicycles

Stuffing vs dressing
Hillbillies- imperial walkers

Apple vs pumpkin pie
Superwoman- boat canoe

Football vs nap

2 laps
Cool down OYO

COT: Dinner table thanksgiving- Pax go around in the circle and name one thing you are thankful for, but you can’t repeat something that’s already been said.