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Backblast 11/20/20 (JBO)

Q: Splits

11/20/2020 Ettas Nest
7 of Diamonds Workout
PAX: Firecracker, Jewels, Buttercup, Salty,  Doublemint, Cleats, Bindi, Lucy
Warm up:
Potato diggers
Toe touches
Curb kicks
High knees

Workout: Following a baseball diamond shape, doing in & out squats at 1st base, glute bridges at 2nd base, lunge forward kicks at 3rd base, and calf raises at home. Getting to the bases while doing side shuffles. Reps for each round goes:
1st round- 7 reps
 2nd round-  14 reps
3rd round- 21 reps
4th round -28 reps
5th round- 21 reps
6th round- 14 reps
7th round- 7 reps

Cool Down:
Static straight leg stretch
Runners lunge
Calf stretch

COT: Sisterhood- I’m thankful for the ladies at Fia whom I can call sisters. It’s rough to come out on a cold morning and workout, but knowing that these ladies will encourage me, miss me, and be there for me makes it much more than just a workout. John 15:12 “My command is this: love each other as I have loved you.” Fia ladies exude love and support, and I’m honored that I get to sweat and fellowship with each of you.