Recent Workouts

Backblast 11/23/20

Q: Bindi

PAX: Peaches, Remi, Callalilly, Salty, Atlas, F-Stop

Warm up: in cadence 10
Potato diggers
Arm circles forward
Arm circles backward
Torso Twist (10 right side counts)
Jump n Jacks
Run a lap

Workout: Happy Thanksgiving

26 of everything or 13 each side if specified
Run a lap
Thanksgiving dinner Either Or: 
26 bc Thanksgiving is on 26th

1. Turkey- straight leg kick backs OR Ham-butt kicks
2. Stuffing-weighted straight arm lifts palms facing ground   OR   Dressing- same with palms facing sky
3. Mash Potatoes- Peter Parkers  OR    Sweet Potato Casserole- hold 26 second plank
4. Pumpkin Pie- lunge w/ straight back leg lift   OR    
Pecan Pie- Squats
5. Apple dessert- Genie Crunch   OR    Cranberry Dessert- Flutter Kicks
*going off of memory on these bc I improvised :grimacing:
Run a lap
Cool Down: stretch on own as we COT

COT: We always have something to be thankful for even during the chaos, frustrating, uncertainty! Focus on the positive. Around the circle saying one thing we are thankful for 2 times wanted to do it 3 times but time ran out so think of and say out loud maybe with your family 3 things you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!