Recent Workouts

Backblast 11/19/20 (Kgspt)

Q: Wonder Woman

When: 5:30 AM, 11/19/20
Where: Kingsport Centennial Park
PAX: Shadow (FNG), Bindi, Poet, Gaga, Mudpie
Weather: Clear and coldDisclaimer

Warm Up: Run a lap around parking lot and then lap around park circle

Deck of Cards Workout: Cardio for first half, Strength for second- try to get through deck (SUCCESS!!)
10 reps for every face card, Ace = 1 minute rest or 1 lap, Joker = Burpees
Hearts: Squats
Diamonds: Mt. Climbers
Spades: Tuck Jumps
Clubs: Jumping Jacks
10 reps for every face card, Ace = 1 minute rest or run a lap, Joker= 1 minute plank
Hearts: Pushups
Diamonds: Jumping Lunges
Spades: Tricep Dips
Clubs: Crunchy Frog
Finish with another lap around parking lot and park circle and 5 burpees (Burpee train).

COT: Out of My Control: share how deck of card workouts are great for introverted Q’s (like self) and how the outcome is out of my control. I struggle with being a control freak so it’s good to remind myself that I need to trust God and not in an outcome. Especially with everything going on in our country but that’s small when I look and see how much little I do actually have control over in my life. Trust and have faith and that it’s ok to be out of control.