Recent Workouts

Backblast 11/25/19

Margarette VQ:


PAX of 9- Threat Level, Crush, Gish, Shop Vac, Atlas, G.I. Jane, Salty, Peaches, Margarette

Warm up- run a lap around farmers market pavilion.

Start with 10 reps of each exercise, decrease 1 rep for each round, run a lap between rounds.

– Turkey Feather Flappers (jumping jacks)
– Goblet Gobblers (goblet squats)
–  Feather Flexers (bicep curls)
– Wing Workers (tricep dips)
– Harvest Hops (plank jacks)
– Pilgrim pop-ups (burpees)

COT: My churches sermon series has been about “Hope in the Dark.” It’s been very impactful for me so I wanted to share my overall take away. Everyone’s darkness is different but everyone has darkness in their life. This Sunday we talked about being with people in their darkness. Showing up, listening, crying. Sometimes there’s no need to say anything, just enter into the hurt with them. I’ve seen this in FiA and I want to encourage all of us to find someone that’s hurting this holiday season and be a light to them.