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Backblast 10/22/19

Doublemint Q:

Hot Potato

Q: Doublemint

Pax: Salty, Sgt. Socks, Houston, Shop Vac, Serenity, Dr. Buff and Athena.

8 pax showed up for some Hot Potato Doublemint style.

Hot potato:

Warm-up: Jumping Jacks, Potato Diggers and Windmills in cadence.

The Thang: Circle up for Hot potato with a 15 lb medicine ball. Game is to be played as fast as you can.Round 1:  Throw ball (potato) across to someone until the 1 minute timer goes off. Do not pass to the person next to you. You must skip one. *When the timer goes off, whoever has the potato wins and gets to roll one of three exercise dice. Everyone does the exercise on the dice together. When done, come back to circle and squat until everyone is done.

Round 2:  While standing, pass the potato to the right until the timer goes off. Repeat

*Round 3:   While standing, pass potato to the left until timer goes off.

*Round 4:   Lay on ground with heads to center. Pass potato over heads until timer goes off. Repeat

*Round 5:   Turn to side and pass potato back between legs until timer goes off. Repeat

*Round 6:   Turn to side and pass ball over head forward until timer goes off. Repeat

*Round  7:   Turn to side and pass potato over head backwards until timer goes off. Repeat

*Round 8:    In squat position pass potato to right until timer goes off.

*Round 9:    In squat position pass potato to left until timer goes off.

*Round 10:  Turn to side and pass potato behind you in figure 8 until timer goes off. Repeat *Rinse and repeat as time allowed.We also had two Burpee trains

Circle up for Count a Rama and Name a Rama.

COT: Today we played hot potato. We can learn a lot from potatoes. Potatoes are beautiful no matter what size or shape they take on. They can be made into long and skinny French fries that are salty and crispy. Or they can be French fries that are chubby and short with lots of curves. You can make them into hash browns of all different shapes and sizes. They can be creamy or naturally beautiful with just a little butter and salt. They are just as beautiful loaded with lots of yummy toppings. No matter what color they are or what imperfections they have, all potatoes are beautiful.Remember we were created by an awesome God who makes no mistakes. Each and every one of you ladies is beautiful. So many times we like to compare ourselves to other women. I know I am guilty of that. Remember that true beauty comes from within. 1 Peter 3:4 says: but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

Try by Colbie Calliat if you haven’t seen the video go and watch it. Thanks for working out with me.