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Backblast 10/23/19

Gish VQ:

PAX: Gish, The Frizz, Peaches

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Please modify to suit your needs.

The Thang: The main idea behind this workout is balancing the tough work through which we love to put ourselves with moments of self-care and reflection. We’ll either burn out or harm ourselves in other ways when we’re pushing too hard all the time. In this workout, we’ll kick ass in the cardio and core sections but frame it with slow stretches that prepare and thank our bodies for the hard work! 

Warmup: (30 seconds of each) One Round

Slow butt kickers

Slow imperial walkers

Toe touch circles

Boxer shuffle

High knee in-and-outs 

Jumping jacks


Skater lunges

Cardio: (work 20 seconds; rest 10 seconds) Two Rounds

Butt kickers

Static runners (ball busters?) left

Static runners right

Jumping lunges (modify to alternating lunges?)

Plank walk-downs

Power skips

High knees

Mountain climbers

Quick feet

Pop squats

Pushups (plyometric, if possible)

Jumping jacks

Core: (work 45 seconds; rest 15 seconds) Two Rounds


Superhuman twist (Superman with alternating twist to right and left)

Side crunch left

Side crunch right

Russian twists

Cool Down and Stretch: (30 second each) One Round

Toe touch

Quad stretch left

Quad stretch right

Inner thigh stretch left

Inner thigh stretch right

Seated tires rotation left

Seated torso rotation right

Seated butterfly

Deep glute stretch left

Deep glute stretch right

COT: We all have to find time to slowdown and care for ourselves, listening to our individual needs. Our bodies, minds, and souls work hella hard, and that’s awesome, but if we don’t take time to slow down, we’ll hurt ourselves, physically, and emotionally.