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Backblast 1/6/20

Gish “Thunder & Lightning(ish)” Q:

PAX: G.I. Jane, Peaches, Margarette, Proton, Salty

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Neither FIA, Johnson City, nor I are to be held responsible for any accidents or injuries. Modify up or down as you need and listen to your body.

Warm Up (in cadence):
-high knees
-arm circles
-jumping jacks
-slow knees in and outEquipment:
-light dumbbells (5-10 lbs)

The Thang:
-Complete each exercise
-Perform 10 Burpees or a Sprint between each exercise
-hold squat or plank while other FiAs complete their burpees/sprint and move to next exercise together100 Toe Taps (each side) 90 Leg Lifts 80 Overhead Presses 70 Bridges 60 Clams (each side) 50 Russian Twists 40 Flashers 30 Hip Dips (each side)[ 20 Bulgarian SplitSquats (each side) 10 Sit-ups ] <— We didn’t get to the last two exercises due to time constraints.

The Skinny:
So, for Christmas, my daughter got a piano from my in-laws. I am SO jazzed about this, being a musician for my entire life, but I found myself struggling in the first few days of having the instrument set up because I reeeaaally wanted my girl to start playing, and it was taking her time to warm up to it. Whenever I asked her to work with me on the piano, she would just ask to do something else. I understood. I can get overexcited and annoying! I wanted to encourage her without pushing her, so I just stayed chill but told her I got an app on the iPad she can use with the piano. A couple days later, she asked to use the app and started practicing on her own. She spent hours practicing with no prompts from me! She had just found a tool that helped her progress at her own speed and difficulty level without any human ego, judgement, or competition. A couple days later, she did even more, and she seems to be excelling with joy in her own progress.

This process of hers was a great reminder for me. Sometimes things just won’t click, no matter how much we might want them. You might get frustrated with your goals or the people and tools intended to assist you in reaching said goals. It’s so important, however, to keep your heart and mind open to new avenues, tools, or relationships that will help you progress in your own individual way. FiA is definitely a tool for me to keep up progress in my physical and mental health. I’m not so great at staying open to new relationships/friendships because of whatever terrible or petty stuff that lives in my past, but FIA also provides an arsenal of social support that I am learning to utilize and pay back into to strengthen myself and others. You usually have it in you, no matter what IT is, but we just have to winkle it out with the correct tool for the individual and occasion.

You FiA ladies are each an integral part of my complete tool kit. Thanks for keeping me progressing and pushing through the tough times together!