Recent Workouts

Backblast 1/8/20

Margarette Q:

PAX of 6- Crush, Peaches, G.I. Jane, Salty, Gish, Margarette

Warm up- cadence jumping jacks and potato diggers

The thang- in groups of 2, do each workout at each station for 1 song.
Station 1: x 2 Bicep curls with resistance band
Jump lunges

Station 2: x2
Upright rows with resistance band

Station 3: x2
Tricep kickbacks with resistance band
Russian twists

Station 4: x2
Bicycle crunches
Push ups Following completing all 4 stations, stay in partner groups. Partner 1 run to stairs and back while partner 2 holds plank then switch. We had time to complete this 3 times.

COT: quote from Clemson’s football coach, Dabo. Great advice for all of us to spread love no matter what.