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FiA Fitness Tests (all AOs)

Q: Summit

Fia Fitness Tests February 2022

Friday 2/4/22 AO Etta’s Nest
PAX: Katniss, Doublemint, Zinny, Bookworm

Tuesday 2/8/22 AO Riveter Station RAD
PAX: Mini, Oreo

Saturday 2/12/22 AO Riveter Station WAR
PAX: Freestyle, Gish, Sourdough

Wednesday 2/16/22 AO Riveter Station RRG
PAX: Boots, Callalily, Gish

Saturday 2/19/22 AO Dolly’s Nook
PAX: Cheetah, Bindi, Ariel, Malibu


Warm Up: IC jumping jacks, windmills, high knees

Short Tabata: 2 rounds 30 secs on/10 secs off with 30 sec recovery between sets.

We rotated among the following sets at each workout:
jumping jacks & imperial walkers, seal jacks & jump shots, Mountain climbers & inchworms, raggedy anns & squats.

Once we were warmed up we completed the following for the fitness test:

  • 1 mile run (timed)
  • Push ups (#/minute)
  • Sit ups (#/minute)
  • Plank hold (total time, unlimited)
  • Burpees (#/minute)
  • Sit & reach (inches +/-)

COT: Try to take what you did today in the fitness test to set a new goal for yourself so that you can continue to grow in your workouts with Fia. And don’t forget that we are #bettertogether.