Recent Workouts

Backblast 9/24/19

Salty Q:

Warm up with these in cadence
Potato diggers
Arm stretch 2x
Leg stretch 2x
High knees

The Thang:
Used the benches and did a set of three exercises and then ran to the other side of the field on the sidewalk and did a different set. When you run back to the first side you do the same three exercises but add one rep to each. And do the same when you get back to the other side and so on.
Station One Exercises:
Push ups

Station Two Exercises:
Flutter kicks
Donkey kicks
Glute bridges

Break group up and half start on each. Start with 10 sets of each exercise and add one every time you get back to that station.

COT: keeping things inside my heart. Be nice to people. You don’t know what battle they’re fighting. So many changes in life lately and it feels like I’m never gonna BE THERE . . . Wherever that it! I can’t keep up with it all and change has never been a problem for me but this time around it’s coming at me too fast.

PAX: Q was Salty, Dr. Buff, Soul to Soul, Sgt. Socks, Houston, Serenity, Shop-Vac, Gish, Geronimo, Vanilla Ice, Qwerty, Athena, Double Mint, and 2.0s Raven and Rapunzel