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Backblast 3/4/20

G.I. Jane Q:

The Thang:
Dora Does Tabata: Legs & Abs Style!
FiAs will partner up in groups of 2. One partner will do the exercise (and keep count) for 30 seconds while the other partner rests. At the end of 30 seconds, Partner 1 hands off to Partner 2 who continues with the exercise and count until they finish the established number of reps.
250 Squats
225 LBCs
200 Jumping Jacks
175 Flutter Kicks
150 Step Ups
125 Glute Bridges
100 Lunges (you choose the type)
75 Rosalitas
50 Tuck Jumps
25 Meter Spring (each partner does one sprint)

COT: I have been reading this book, Why We Can’t Sleep. Now, I normally really read trash. Smutty, horrible, trash. It gives my mind a break. But, this book was recommended by @passport and I loved it. It talks about GenX women (thought it is totally applicable to women just outside either end of GenX I think) and our mid-life period (“crisis” some call it). Using thousands of interviews with women and data to support it, the author talks about the unique ways we handle stress, our financial situations, and generally why our mid-life period is so different than other generations. It’s good stuff.

There is one point in the book that talks about menopause. There is a woman who tells a story about how few creatures actually have females that go through this. We are one of them, as are Orcas. Interestingly enough, after female Orcas, after menopause are the ones that lead their pod to find food and are really the ones responsible for guiding and resource allocation for everyone. It’s interesting stuff.

During this story though, the author quotes another author who says “We’ll find it’s not for nothing. For better or worse we are undergoing a transformation.” In giving a younger woman advice, the other author says… “I’m just saying I guess there’s another version after this version to look forward to. Because of wisdom or hormones or just enough years going by if you live long enough you quit chasing the things that hurt you.  You eventually learn to hear the sound of your own voice.”

This spoke to me as a GenX woman who is finding herself in a transition phase in her life. I think that’s what your 40’s is for a lot of us. I think there is power in change and something really important in seeing enough years go by to learn how to really listen to ourselves. I don’t do the ridiculous things I did in my 20’s (I’m discovering new crazy things to do). I’m learning to listen to my body, my heart, and really understand what I need for a good life.