Recent Workouts

Backblast 3/31/20

Salty Q:

PAX: Sgt Socks and Doublemint
Q: Salty

The Thang:
4×4 workout
AMRAP for 4 minutes
4 pushups
4 sit-ups
4 superwomans
4 Burpees

Recover 1 min

AMRAP for 4 minutes
4 rosalitas
4 Tricep dips
4 lunges
4 burpees

Recover 1 min

AMRAP for 4 minutes
4 leg lifts
4 Fire hydrant left
4 Fire Hydrant right
4 burpees

Recover 1 min

Rinse & Repeat

COT: What uncertain times! My faith is getting me through this and there is a surprising amount of peace in my home. I know every single circumstance in every single home is different. I am extremely thankful for our situation. And my heart goes out to those who are losing jobs and who paycheck is suffering. What stress!! Not being able to control outcomes makes it so tough!!! I want to encourage you to find the good!! Enjoy the moments (despite the stress)! Do something nice for someone. Take a deeeep breath! Take inventory of the things you have and focus on being thankful for those!! Ultimately we are all slowing down! We don’t have a choice! Find the good in it for you!! Go around and share one good thing that has happened for you during this quarantine. I’ll start. For me it has been walking the neighborhood more! Talking to neighbors who are outside more. Taking in the scenic beauty on my street!