Recent Workouts

Backblast 11/16/20 (JC)

Q: Summit

Monday, November 16, 2020
AO Riveter Station
Pax: F-stop, Freestyle, Salty, Margarette, Crush, Callalily, Bindi, Atlas, Gish

Warm up: 30 seconds of heel taps, hip circles, and torso twists.  Gentle jog/walk a lap.  IC: jumping jacks, high knees, windmills (totally forgot these!)

The Thang: OYO Dirty Thirties workout: Pax complete each exercise followed by a run/walk lap (from amphitheater to big steps by the creek, then up the sidewalk and back down into the amphitheater). When set 1 is complete, move onto set 2.  Rinse and repeat.
For this workout, we were able to complete both sets once and stopped at 0600.  Then we each completed 33 burpees in honor of my 33rd birthday!
Set 1:
33 high knee press
33 big girl sit ups
33 second reverse plank
Set 2:
33 step ups (right leg counts)
33 tricep dips
33 glute bridges

COT: Leave people better than you found them.
This is something I’ve been working on as I’ve been able to find more balance in my life recently.  It is a gift to give others the gift of presence, so be there for one another and leave that person better than you found them.