Recent Workouts

Backblast 10/2/19

Salty Q:

10, 20, or 30? You choose!
Warm up with these in cadence
Potato diggers
Arm stretch 2x
Leg stretch 2x
Lap around the pavilion

The Thang:
I have a stack of cards with random exercises. You will call out how many reps 10, 20, 30 BEFORE you pick up a card and read it. Whatever card is chose the whole pax does that many reps together. We will continue taking turns choosing the cards for the entire 30min.

COT: joyful or jaded?? Circumstances come at us at such a rapid rate! Sometimes things are crappy too. But you can choose to stay there or step out. Stay there and feel like the victim or use the circumstance to help someone else or to make the world a better place. Live joyful and content!! Not constantly wishing you weren’t in this mess!!

PAX of 8 included Q Salty, Crush, Marguerite, GI Jane, Peaches, Passport, Gish, Threat Level,